Episode 12: I work in IT – we have conversations via IM, not in person

I work in IT. Therefore, I have IM conversations throughout the day with developers a few rows over, coworkers sitting next to me and a few folks in the labs who help me remember how things work in the part of our company that MAKES money. (We just spend money in IT, right?)

Every now and then, one of those conversations turns humorous. What do you expect when I’m involved, right? And then you add another funny Sparky contact and it’s dynamite… or at least good for a few laughs. (Sparky refers to our internal IM client, Spark.)

Here’s one from the other day… Larrie being me (duh) and Bethy the Third being my Sparky contact.

(1:29 PM) Bethy the Third: i am frustrated today if you can’t tell.

(1:30 PM) Larrie: how come you’re frustrated?

(1:30 PM) Bethy the Third: i don’t know

(1:30 PM) Larrie: well that doesn’t help resolve anything… perhaps we should take a break, I’ll hypnotize you and we’ll get to the bottom of this

(1:32 PM) Bethy the Third: i don’t think so. you are just trying to get me to agree to let you make me into a monkey who picks her nose and scratches her bum in front of everyone

(1:32 PM) Larrie: good idea… let’s get one of the joshes to be our first victim

(1:35 PM) Bethy the Third: one – i think it should be both!

(1:36 PM) Larrie: don’t overestimate my hypnotizing skills… I can’t promise the world (by entrancing both)… or maybe I could with my incredible good looks

(1:37 PM) Bethy the Third: well, we both know you can’t with mcjosh. your chest isn’t big enough

(1:37 PM) Bethy the Third: i don’t even think mine is

(1:37 PM) Larrie: I’ll pick up a box of tissues

(1:38 PM) Bethy the Third: well, he doesn’t care if they are real or fake, so that would work

(1:39 PM) Larrie: I better pick up a few boxe

(1:39 PM) Larrie: s

(1:40 PM) Bethy the Third: okay, now i’m ready for a nap

(1:40 PM) Larrie: I’m finally waking up a wee bit

(1:40 PM) Larrie: ha… I passed my sweepiness on to you

(1:41 PM) Bethy the Third: it must be the titillating conversation we are having

(1:41 PM) Bethy the Third: that is causing you to wake up

(1:41 PM) Bethy the Third: not for me to be sleepy. that’s just because i am sick of looking at [work] today

(1:42 PM) Larrie: you just used titillating in sparky… nice

(1:42 PM) Bethy the Third: i thought so

(1:43 PM) Bethy the Third: i just looked it up

(1:46 PM) Larrie: you looked it up, eh? nice… and are we still having a tickling conversation?

(1:47 PM) Bethy the Third: well, i am always curious about words i use all the time that i have just assumed what the meaning was. so if i’m near a dictionary and think about it, i will look it up. i’m a nerd that way

(1:48 PM) Larrie: you should make a list of 100 ways you are a nerd

(1:49 PM) Bethy the Third: i haven’t even finished the other list

(1:49 PM) Bethy the Third: i think you should do it too and we will compare it when we are finished

(1:49 PM) Bethy the Third: i probably won’t get to it until [vacation], but i will do it

(1:50 PM) Larrie: the nerd list?

(1:50 PM) Bethy the Third: yeah

(1:50 PM) Larrie: k, I’ll try… 100 is mighty long, but I’m sure I’ve got plenty to choose from

(1:51 PM) Bethy the Third: oh, so you think i can come up with 100 ways? hehehe

(1:51 PM) Bethy the Third: maybe we should just do 50 each

(1:51 PM) Larrie: go big or go home missy

(1:52 PM) Bethy the Third: ok, fine, but you have to make a list of 100 too

(1:53 PM) Bethy the Third: i was looking out for your best interest since i have all the time in the world next week

(1:53 PM) Larrie: you’re so kind hearted

(1:53 PM) Bethy the Third: i know. what can i say?

(1:53 PM) Larrie: I’ll work on my list on TRAX

(1:54 PM) Bethy the Third: sweet

(1:54 PM) Larrie: or maybe right now… in the middle stall

(2:12 PM) Bethy the Third: did you get anywhere on your list and did you add the fact that you wanted to start your list in the middle stall to your nerd list?

(2:12 PM) Larrie: haha… I wrote five… now I’ve got six, thanks

(2:14 PM) Bethy the Third: np glad i could help


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