A slice of today

A list of things to remember about this day/time:

  • When dropping the kids off at school, Gabriela ran off without her mask on so I called her to stop. I hopped out of the car to hand it to her. It had a flower print.
  • I sipped on Starbucks hot cocoa mix made with oat milk for my breakfast.
  • Gabbi and I lunched today (she had a Kindergarten-carpool ride home) on peanut butter sandwiches with strawberry-rhubarb jam.
  • I listened to part of a webinar about IoT security. The presenter was dull and spent much of his time selling his consulting business. I closed my laptop on him.
  • We have Young Women’s tonight, but the Governor recently switched things over to a new high/moderate/low transmission level guidance. So we’re meeting over Zoom.
  • I setup a trial Salesforce account than defined an allowable IP range for logging in, which was the IP address from my AWS VPN server. It worked. I documented it and passed it on to Johan in the Netherlands for a tech review.
  • I sipped on Dr. Pepper with some vanilla syrup and coconut creamer. On ice.
  • Pogi sneezed on my feet.
  • Our HelloFresh box arrived. It’s not better food than we make. It’s easier.
  • We have a small hole in our roof from the windstorm a while back. I didn’t think the hole went all the way through. I was wrong. The insurance estimator guy took a pic of it. We made a claim. Moises will come this week to plan the fix. He did our roof this summer.
  • Dominic did successfully put in his 15 minutes of piano practicing this morning without fighting me. He’s learning a simplified piano solo arrangement of The Water is Wide. It’s pretty. Eli is his teacher (15-year old neighbor boy).
  • I voted yesterday by dropping my mail-in ballot in the drop box in front of the library.
  • We hit up Yellowstone and Island Park last week. I still scroll through the pictures of all the beauty.

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