Triple Larrie

I know, I was supposed to write a book review today. So sorry. It’s only the second week of this new “Saturday post” and already I’m flaking out. Typical.

Apparently, life gets busy what with Pete and G moving away (weep), soccer, organize my home with help from my fab Aunt, a BBQ to see my Uncle while he was in town, then hit up the scene downtown with the girls. Where would YOU fit ‘write a blog entry about one of the books you recently read’?

Since I flaked, how about if I just post up some more intimate information about me. Why? Because Puk tagged me.

It comes in threes:


  1. My big bed
  2. Scoring a goal
  3. Jane running down the driving shouting LARRIE!


  1. Financial insecurity
  2. Having somebody break in to my home
  3. Losing a finger or hand so I can’t play the piano


  1. Move up the career ladder
  2. Fix my back
  3. Get in better shape


  1. My TV
  2. Checking work email at midnight
  3. Blogging

Surprising Facts About Me:

  1. I do things on Ambien and don’t remember
  2. I miss my old ward
  3. I can’t touch my toes without bending my knees

Riveting, I know. And now the part that seems so strange… tagging somebody else. But, I will do it, because it was rather cool to see that Puk thought of me enough to actually tag me on her blog. So see? By me tagging you, I’m thinking of ya.

Tagg-ed: Katie, Kaakun, Kow



  1. what?!?!?!

    hmmm so whose bed is more comfy?
    yours or mine?!?!?

    I’m such a giving person, giving up my bed for when people come to visit… I’m Christ-like like that.


  2. Your bed was VERY comfy… even broken, with a pan lid assisting its leg.

    You will probably be translated the next time you so selflessly give up your bed to a visitor. Nice work.


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