A slice of today

A list of things to remember about this day/time: When dropping the kids off at school, Gabriela ran off without her mask on so I called her to stop. I hopped out of the car to hand it to her. It had a flower print.I sipped on Starbucks hot cocoa mix made with oat milk … Continue reading A slice of today

#metoo, dating my hubby, and my #rootedlife

In case you forgot, this year I'm all about some Aztec philosophy. I've been teased by some neighbors about it. I don't mind the teasing. Because I'm rooted, yo. As a refresher, I recently learned about this philosophy, Neltiliztli, which I've hashtagged as living a #rootedlife this year. I even made a nifty little infographic. You're … Continue reading #metoo, dating my hubby, and my #rootedlife