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Once upon a time, I did this thing called a caption contest. Turns out, some of my friends are QUITE clever. I will keep you as friends for as long as you are clever. Nice.

Well each time I would post a new caption contest, I wasn’t guaranteed that ANYBODY would even post a possible caption as a comment. So it faded away into blog memories.

Since I no longer have those nifty contests as an excuses to post my cell phone pics, I am just going to post a group of them because I FEEL LIKE IT. And I will include a nifty little explanation for each one. It will help you know about my life a little better. Try not to get too jealous.

But DO ENJOY. Smiley face. 🙂

Let’s start with my nephew. It was a lovely evening several weeks ago and we were munching on pizza while little girls showed up for his big sister’s BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! Well, it wasn’t so much as a lovely evening as a CRAZY evening. Girls… parties… screaming… PIZZA…’s.a.BIRTHDAY.PARTY!!!!! It was a yard and house full of eight year old girls. Party. On.

So back to my nephew. He managed to secure his piece of pizza and was chomping down on it while sitting on the base of the basketball hoop outside.

Best part of the picture? What do you think? I vote for his CHOICE OF FOOTWEAR.

Well done, Bennett.

Moving right along. This is the LOUDEST member of the Elkinseseses household. That’s all I have to say. We own a cat. Well, ACTUALLY, we own a Bengal. There is a difference. But whatever… call me a cat lady.

And next up in our nifty little scrapblog is ONE HOT MAN. One look at this fabulous pic and it is so VERY clear why I married this man. He is THE BEST. Okay, fine. Somebody doesn’t like to be in pictures so why not take a picture of him while sitting at Arctic Circle and use the ol’ fisheye-lens effect? Sure. GOOD LOOKING. Mwah. I’d kiss that.

In the next picture, how cool is my niece’s shirt? Tess is straight up adorable, too. But the BEST, by far, is when she comes running into the living room while all of the adults are sitting around chatting after Sunday dinner and yells at us:


Somebody found ants in the kitchen.

She yelled it. Didn’t scream it. Promise. She’s a tenor, NOT A SOPRANO.

But speaking of screams, here’s a picture that makes you think, AAAAAAAH!

Am I right? Jane and Kate body slammed Nathan while we were waiting around at Liberty Park for fireworks to go off on July 4th. It was a rather disappointing show, I’ll have you know. We watched some of the fireworks at Sugarhouse Park STILL going off after Liberty Park had finished AND we had folded up all of our blankets AND we had walked all the way back to my sister’s place. It was a short show.

Next up in our fun little picture show is a modeling shot. Um. Or something. We were just hanging out on Coronado Beach, downtown San Diego glistening in the background, how romantic, and Nathan put on my sunglasses. With time to kill waiting for the ferry, why not take some pictures. So we did. Hotness captured. Love him.

Okay. IMAGINE that I’m going to take a picture of you. You’re lying next to your cousin on the couch looking up at me and I tell you: make a FUNNY face. Let’s see your funny face.

Well done Kate. I think Bennett was still trying to figure out where to strategically place his fingers to deform his face. Kate’s had more practice.

And to finish this funness up, how about some food? This was our casual dinner after we had returned from our camping trip last weekend. You remember that trip? The one where we ALMOST DIED BECAUSE OF A COUGAR/BEAR/COYOTE? Turns out, still being alive makes you hungry. We enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner of BLT with fried egg (thanks to Dave at work for the delicious, fresh tomatoes) and some homemade potato chips. Nom. Nom. Good.

End of cell phone pic scrapblog. Thanks for stopping by.

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