The AMAZING Snake Woman!

The Utah State Fair: what a beautiful mix of fried goodness, stinky barns full of animals, rodeo clowns that won some sort of title in 1995, random music acts, and the world’s most amazing SOMETHING. We totally paid for one of those somethings the other night.

And it was worth it. Absolutely.

We went on a triple date Saturday night to hit up the fair. Nathan and I had our tickets already thanks to a KSL deal (sometimes, they’re actually for something we might USE), and our friends were willing to pay at the gate to join this fabulous party as well. Here is a list of all the fun we had.

  1. We had a hail storm about an hour before we were going to leave and thought it would help with the crowds/traffic. It didn’t.
  2. We managed to find a free parking spot in some random lot near a state liquor store. Hooray for early closing hours.
  3. On the walk over, we saw a spider, which, for our friend, Sarah, was the BIGGEST SPIDER OF HER LIFE. She jumped around for ten minutes with the heeby-jeebies before she decided to take some pictures of it with her cell phone.
  4. Once inside, Nathan and I went DIRECTLY to the barn full of sheep. He touched one. Neat! It smelled like they were all lying around on urine-soaked hay. Oh right. They probably were.
  5. At one point, I pulled out my phone to check the final score of the BYU-Texas game. Disappointing. I would have to drown my sorrows in a corn dog and funnel cake.
  6. We wandered over to watch the rodeo. The place was packed and we couldn’t find a seat somewhere that you wouldn’t have to climb over at least 10 people all sitting around eating fried butter.
  7. Ben and Natalie wandered off for a while and came back to report about the SNAKE WOMAN! More on that later.
  8. One of the Carnies had one arm and was holding an electrical cord, but from our angle, it looked like he was holding a whip. “Get out of the ride NOW LITTLE KIDDIES!” Thwack.
  9. The line for the giant potato sack slide was way too long. We passed.
  10. It cost too much to ride the mechanical bull. We passed.
  11. It cost even more to “walk on water” in these giant plastic bubbles that were filled with limited amounts of oxygen. We passed.
  12. We spent more time people watching. Free entertainment!

Okay, and about the snake woman. By far the most amazing attraction at the fair, I’ll have you know. It cost us $1 each to see her: the head of a beautiful woman, the body of a snake, but NO BONES IN HER BODY, OH MY GAAAAAWSH.

We paid up and walked in. This is what we saw:

Wouldn’t you agree? THE MOST AMAZING SIGHT EVER!



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