Hip Hip Hooray for Hobbes

Okay, I know it’s not supposed to be a cell phone pic / caption contest because it’s FRIDAY – and boy do I love Friday. But, I was slightly MIA* from the old blog world on Wednesday and today I have a great picture to share AN-EE-WAYZ. I have a new nephew, Hobbes. Congrats to Laina and Thane! Here’s a cute pic of him and then, we’ll** post the cell phone pic below for this week’s caption contest. HURRY AND POST A COMMENT NOW BECAUSE IT’S ONLY A FEW DAYS BEFORE NEXT WEDNESDAY’S DEADLINE!

Enter the CAPTION CONTEST now!

The Sciolist Cell Phone Pic of the Weeknot-™ is published each week with the intent to entice readers to comment. This is accomplished with a CONTEST! The winner will receive a blog nod in the following week’s post-what a TREMENDOUS prize. Entering is easy. Just click on Comment below, fill in the identification information requested and enter your caption for the above picture as your comment. You have until Larrie posts the following Wednesday’s pic to enter.

Ready… GO!***

Last Week’s Winner: Boy, way to make this such a tough choice, people. By default, ‘deltalimagolf’ wins (despite the abusive punctuation). Cheers for this Contracted Developer Man (a.k.a. deltalimagolf, which I have no idea what it means, either) who submitted a late entry, which we** counted since nobody else posted an entry. About CDM, he recently gifted his family with a rowdy little troublemaker: a Bengal kitten. Isn’t his family lucky? Also, he actually works… unlike some other contracted developer guy I wonder about.

*Not sure how one can only be slightly MIA, but I was.

**By we, I mean ME.

***And by GO!, I mean COMMENT!


3 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray for Hobbes

  1. “awww grandkid number ____ (this is where you fill in the blank), I must twitter this moment right NOW.”


  2. “Let’s see… what’s the number for heaven? I’ve got to call to let them know that baby Hobbes arrived ok.”


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