Day 30: Sciolist Blogging Stats

Hooray! We’re almost done with the “Build a Better Blog” tasks. I must admit that I didn’t really live up to my potential because life got busy and the blog was pushed to the side. So I missed a number of days, I didn’t network with other bloggers doing this, and the only boost to my blog traffic came from me paying my friends to read it.*

Today’s task is to analyze the stats of my precious little blog. I already do that, but let me report to you now, mmkay? Great.

So for the month of April, I was pretty much doing these precious blogging tasks. Surprisingly enough, the overall visits have gone up, but not by much—just an increase of 84 visits over the average visits per month: 1,337. Only a 6% increase, but THANKS FOR STOPPING BY AND BEING A PART OF THAT SIX PERCENT.

You can check out the other stats for this blog on your own. I like looking at the map of recent visitors… The Sciolist blog doesn’t seem to attract many internet folk from the southern hemisphere.

But what you won’t find on statcounter, but is one of my favorite stats that wordpress provides me with: the search terms. I like to make a list of my favorites and share them every so often. So here now, for your reading pleasure is the latest list of Larrie’s Favorite Sciolist Search Terms:

  • chronic throat clearer (others search for this too… I am not alone)
  • im a nerd with glasses and im hated (how sad… truly deeply heartbreaking)
  • adult wearing pull ups (how in the world did this link to MY blog?)
  • things I’m bad at doing (what makes you think Google can answer this for you?)
  • 100 reasons to sleep with a nerd (this was definitely NOT the title of my list)
  • weeping spells (perhaps this search was done by someone from my old IT group)
  • motorkitty meg (I have no clue what to say about this one)
  • small middle toe (must make for a strange footprint in the sand)
  • what do u do at walmart (somebody in Arkansas looking for dating ideas)
  • gourmet fish sticks (ALL fish sticks are the EPITOME of gourmet)
  • dung in scriptures (really? Somebody searched for this?)
  • tessa likes them young stream (I’m guessing this person doesn’t speak much English)
  • skanlyn throat clearer (skanlyn? What? Making up words? Skanlyn?)
  • hacky sack injuries (you should take this search to your doctor, definitely)
  • glenn beck is full of sciolism (somebody else out there uses the word, sciolism?!)
  • long toes – surgery (do they want their toes shortened or lengthened? You decide.)

*At this point, you’re probably wondering why I’m not paying YOU to be here. Well, I made that part up. I don’t pay anybody to come here. I pay my mortgage instead. So unless you are Chase, I don’t pay you. Too bad.


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