Episode 34: Paid Time Off

I never had paid vacation until I started working for my current company. I never knew what I was missing. Phew.

Paid vacation days are my friend.

When I’m sitting on the beach, I can’t help but think, I’M GETTING PAID FOR THIS. And then I put on MORE sunscreen.

So I didn’t get to sit on the beach yesterday, but I took a paid day off. Yes, that’s right. I was paid to:

  • Sleep in
  • Spend hours at the salon getting my hair shampooed, conditioned, conditioned*, cut, colored, styled, and of course, spending my therapy Thursday with Lynnie
  • Eat lunch at KFC… mmm, colories and deep fried chicken
  • Wander and make purchases at Ikea,
  • Think about Homework,
  • Catch up on TV,
  • And drive around town listening to books on tape.

What an excessively exciting personal day, right? It was nice to be paid NOT to work. Hooray for corporate America’s benefits.

I returned to work this morning, after only ONE day off, to 132 unread emails in my inbox. WHAT? So when I take an entire week off in July for the family vacation, how many emails will I come back to? Taking bets now…

*There was lots of conditioning going on yesterday, but none of it was related to cardio.

5 thoughts on “Episode 34: Paid Time Off

  1. 132 work related e-mails? or like 40 work related e-mails, 30 e-mails about cheap drugs and the rest being facebook activity announcements?

    and I’ll respect your brother’s lack of hockey interest comment… we’ll just leave it at that.


  2. I didn’t categorize them, but let’s go with an estimate…
    – 81: work-related
    – 34.5: from buy.com, hammacher schlemmer, or ballard designs
    – 12.5: got through the spam filter
    – 4: facebook


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