what I want to eat after baby’s born

The following are food items that I am going to eat shortly after this baby is born, because I HAVEN’T been able to eat them, thanks to nausea and heart burn:

  • A big, cheesy, meaty, greasy Crown Burger
  • Raul’s Apple Pie Parfait from Leatherby’s (caramel!)
  • Unhealthy, deep fried scones from either Sill’s or Penny Ann’s Café.
  • A drippy, cheesy, meat-sweat-inducing pizza from The Pie
  • The spicy, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at Saffron Valley
  • Messy, spicy chicken wings from Devil’s Daughter
  • A hot, sloppy cheesesteak sandwich from Moochie’s
  • A big order of onion rings with fry sauce from Apollo Burger
  • A bunch of eclairs from BYU creamery
  • All the chocolate!

That list sounds like a healthy list for both losing the baby weight and for staying within our food budget.

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