Daycares and their waiting lists

I just got a phone call from a daycare. They said that we finally made it in. Dominic just had his 18-month appointment today. We put our names on that daycare’s waiting list when I was 2 months pregnant. You do the math.

I started to think about the possibility of switching Dom to this new place. And it made me cry. Well, I suppose it didn’t MAKE me cry. It didn’t grab my arm, twist it around, pin me to the ground and say, “NOW CRY, YOU!”

I felt emotional because I remembered all of the wonderful women at Dom’s current daycare.

I remembered how they all know him so well: his current teachers, his past teachers from the infant room, and the teachers in the older classrooms.

I remembered the cute things that they have taught him in Spanish.

I remembered the times they have called when he missed a couple of days home sick.

I remembered how they offered help, if needed, like bringing a dinner, just in case.

I remembered how on his first birthday, they gave him a cupcake to eat, he made a mess, and they took pictures to text to me.

I remembered how they gave him a pudding cup to eat and again took cell phone pics to text me.

Anyway, I don’t know what to do. Should I send him to a new daycare?

3 thoughts on “Daycares and their waiting lists

  1. boy. that is a tough one. I guess it couldn’t hurt to feel out the new place and see how Dom likes it, even if you’re leaning towards sticking with his current one. Hopefully there’s an easy, non-awkward way to do that.


  2. I’d say leave him where he’s comfortable. However, if this one seems equally wonderful it might be worth a shot. This is one of those times you’ll have to trust your gut. Good Luck!


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