Episode 62: In The New Job, I Depend on Others, Constantly

As a software tester, my success mostly depended on myself. I did have to work with a developer who could hopefully code well so that I had a working application. But guess what? If I found a way to break it, all I did was send it back and say, try again. All I needed to succeed at my job was MYSELF.

I did well. It surprised me because most of the training I had to do my job came from Google. But when left to my own abilities, I just put in the extra time to eventually figure it out.

In the new job, though, I only look good when my TEAM looks good.

I can put together as many reports as I want.

I can stay as late as I want going through emails, sending emails, telling people to make sure and get stuff done.

I can come in early and print off charts, post them all around my cube, and write project deadlines on my calendar.

But it doesn’t matter if I do all that if the developers, software testers, and end users I now work with aren’t doing their jobs.

It’s a big adjustment that I’m trying to figure out how to make. So far, these are the “tricks” I’ve tried using (whether or not they really work is still to be seen):

  1. Bringing food to meetings (donuts, éclairs, other sugary goods so they get that temporary rush)

Um, yeah. That’s all I’ve tried so far. Maybe I’ll ask Google how to do this new job of mine.

2 thoughts on “Episode 62: In The New Job, I Depend on Others, Constantly

  1. Bring your cat. Threaten them with sharks with freakin lasers on their heads. or just save time and outsource their jobs to India.


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