Tales of 4th Grade Softball

Okay. My blogging hiatus is over and I’m back with a winner of a blog entry from WAY back in elementary school. It’s one of the last times I had played softball. I know this because the last mitt I owned would only fit the hand of a fourth grader’s. It’s still at my parents’ with my name written on the side in permanent marker.

This entire entry is written in cursive, in pencil.

March 22, 1991

Today is the last school day of March. Next week is Spring Vacation. I had an easy day at school today. First when we got to school Mrs. Floyd, my fourth grade teacher, did the usual morning stuff. Then we had our final spelling test. There were only a few 100’s in the whole class. Then we played softball for Fabulous Friday. I hit two “groundy” homeruns. Still my team lost. Afterwards it was recess. I spent that drawing a map. When recess was over we went to see a play called, “Hurricane Smith.” It was a good play. Than school was over.

Maren invited Laura and Megan to play. Maren, Megan, and I had a fight. When it was settled I went out to play with Krista, and Rachel. In the game Krista wanted to play that we were enemies. Then she started to truly be unkind. We managed to sort of settle that one over the phone. It was a pretty wild day. I’m glad it’s almost all over. Signing off.


2 thoughts on “Tales of 4th Grade Softball

  1. At least I didn’t draw a diagram of my room, measure the furniture, draw those to size, cut them out and then rearrange my room on graph paper before rearranging it in real life. That’s only what I did at home. Such a normal elementary school kid.


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