Day 22: Famous Readers and the Flood that Came in the Night

Today’s “Build a Better Blog” task is to make a reader famous.

I already do that.

Every Wednesday.

If you haven’t been made famous yet it’s because you either don’t participate in the caption contest or because you just need to have faith that your caption will eventually make me laugh enough to take the top spot. Tune in this Wednesday when I make another reader FAMOUS.*

As for today’s post, let me tell you about some of my excitement for my weekend…

Friday night, I went to bed around 12:30 a.m. Nice work, right? Right.

It’s too bad, really, though, that I went to bed early (for me). Why did I go to bed so early? Because I had an 8:10 a.m. soccer game on Saturday. Clearly, I needed some decent sleep for that. What a mistake. A terrible, no good, very bad mistake.

Instead, I should have stayed up and watched TV or been on Facebook. But I didn’t. I actually attempted to sleep on the weekend. Sigh.

About 2:30 a.m. Beth was shaking me to wake up.


Remember how God sends rainbows because he promised Noah that he would never again flood the earth? Well, those rainbows don’t promise anything about kitchens never flooding. Also, it’s mighty difficult to think clearly about where to shut off water when you’re still trying to wake up. Duh. Turn it off under the sink where it’s spraying out. Good thing Beth was coherent.

Turns out, I own a LOT of towels. But it wasn’t enough for all the water and we spent part of the wee hours of the day wringing out towels in the rain outside. My feet were wet from the flood, my hair was wet from the rain, my hands were wet from the towels, and I have no clue what the condo below me looks like. Nobody lives there right now.

Thankfully, Griffin had borrowed a wet/dry vac from a friend a while back and left it at my parents where my mom could find it in the middle of the night, drive it over and suck up my shallow pool in the kitchen. Thank goodness I had my Mom and Beth to help in the middle of the night. The cats did nothing.

I took some pictures of the mini flood. I think I’ll have to photoshop some ‘No Diving’ signs in. It’s pretty shallow and I don’t want to be liable for injuries.

*If being mentioned in this rockin’ blog makes you famous, then I want some kick back for that. Mmkay?


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