Ring Out Wild Bells Larrie Style

Many might not look back fondly on 2008. Especially if at any time during the closing months of that year, they happened to look at their retirement funds. But despite the doom and gloom portrayed by the media, I happened across this article about Good News in a Bad Year. It included such joyous items as:

  • Life expectancy is up,
  • The abortion rate is at its lowest point in 30 years,
  • Americans work on average eight few hours than we did in the 1960s.

While I can’t currently relate to the last bulleted item (54 hours in a week isn’t all that bad, but it is more than my typical 40-45), I was glad to read a list full of positives. So, internet, you know how much I heart making lists on my blog. Here goes a great list of all the fabulous happenings in the life of one marvelous single gal, Larrie*:

  • My toe is straight (cheers all around),
  • I own a (small) home with a (large-ish) TV,
  • My car still runs fairly happily,
  • I still have a job and even got a raise this year,
  • I dated lots of great guys (an improvement over a brief low-point in 2007, grin),
  • I didn’t work on my birthday (with the exception of a paper route and possibly reffing a soccer game in my youth, I’ve never yet worked on this great day),
  • I spent my birthday in Washington/Oregon,
  • I blogged a lot (LUCKY you, internet),
  • Went to NYC for the first time (and have a goal to go back some time soon with more congenial company),
  • Won the award for best aunt,
  • Totally got a tan (and then lied about being tan on my blog),
  • Went to Disneyland (again and again and again and again**, love it),
  • Rode the frightening Catapult at Lagoon,
  • Was briefly referred to as President by Team Hillside,
  • Wandered around a cemetery in Pocatello,
  • Added to the list of nicknames for the boys I’ve dated or liked kept by my coworker, Stacky***,
  • And tried not to look at my retirement funds too much.

All around, a pretty good year, for which I, of course, left plenty out, but nobody wants to read excessively loquacious blogs anyway.

Bring it on, 2009.

*Wow. How’s that for a sentence FILLED to the brim with positive adjectives? Clearly, I’m in a fantastic mood despite being at work.

**This refers to multiple visits over many years… practically one Disneyland trip a year and every so often, I sneak in a second in one 365-day period.

***Some additions include DWil, Queso, TBBF, and Abdul… oh wait, that last name’s not a nickname, but deserves a really good one if anybody has any suggestions.

9 thoughts on “Ring Out Wild Bells Larrie Style

    1. @Clancy – This is a first… never been offered a set-up on my blog before.

      @Janet – wishful thinking… getting paid to not work… that only works for executives of failed corporate banks.


  1. Cool! Maybe it could be the start of a new business. I could be, like, the blog matchmaker! Wanna be a partner? We could make millions….

    It was partially me tryin’ to be funny, partially for real. Really I’m just determined to set Taylor up with someone cool, and since you’re cool and all… not to mention hilarious and pretty… triple threat girl.


  2. @erin – so I should go back to NY with you then? Cuz the previous trip wasn’t so great just because of the company…


  3. It’s true. He does. So what.

    Just kidding. I should just stay out of his love life. And yours for that matter. Although…. I did meet a really cool guy who is my friend’s brother. And he doesn’t live in Idaho. He lives in Provo. Justin Bohon. He’s my friend on FaceBook. Check it. Just using you as my practice client for my blog matchmaker business. If I find you a date you pay me five bucks. If he ends up being your boyfriend, $30. If you marry him, I get your dowry. This is gonna be big…


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