The BEST Way to Spend the New Year’s is by Working

Just before midnight, I was standing in a computer training room. Only, there wasn’t a clock in the room. So what do a bunch of IT geeks do in such a situation? We all pulled out our cell phones and watched them until they switched from 11:59 to 12:00.


It was kind of like New Years in San Francisco with Laura and Maren only we completely MISSED midnight because the adults were sitting around TALKING.

Back to this New Year: working the 6pm-1am shift on New Year’s Eve is something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. FINALLY. It’s good to accomplish one of your dreams every now and then.

After the cell phones told us that it was the new year, the people around me started getting phone calls from their spouses. My spouse didn’t call. Stupid spouse. We all drank sparkling cider after that and ate a veggie tray. It lasted about 4 minutes. Then we went back to work.


8 thoughts on “The BEST Way to Spend the New Year’s is by Working

  1. Maybe you should leave that spouse of yours. Not even calling and doing an over-the-phone kiss on New Year’s? He’s a jerk and he’s not good enough for you, Larrie.

    Our New Years was almost as exciting… we counted down, said Happy New Year, (I did kiss my spouse) and then that interruption ended the game we were playing. I was mad we had to do the whole countdown thing. Grrrr…


  2. I totally dumped him… my spouse is SO 2008.

    ooo, what game were you playing that was so rudely interrupted by midnight?


  3. Wow…if I ever feel bad about my New Year’s Eve celebration (or lack of one) then I will come back and read this post. 🙂 Hey, at least you got money on New Year’s Eve. That would’ve been nice.


  4. @Karen – silly, karen… you think they pay me more for coming in on holidays or overtime? Ha… nope, the paycheck looks just the same. I heart salary pay.


  5. Good… glad to hear you dumped him. That makes that whole blog setup thing sound a lot more likely.

    And we were playing Catchphrase. It wasn’t especially thrilling… it could have been any game. I was mad because that made everyone feel like it was time to go home and go to bed. COME ON folks!? Can’t we pretend to be night owls once a year?


    1. you ever tell people that you once went to san fran for new years and they ask you how the party was? then you say you didn’t go to one and they wonder why in the world you went if you weren’t going to go to some sort of a party?… we went for the not well posse


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