There’s no real forgiveness on the internet

I couldn’t delete all traces of the post I accidentally published late last night (well, technically, early this morning). That’s how the internet rolls. You can’t delete things entirely. No matter how much you pray and cry and confess your sins and try to satisfy the demands of justice by doing anything anything in your power to erase them.

The internet doesn’t care.

I came home late last night from an indoor soccer game and while I was showering, had some ideas for a blog post. Once in bed, I used my phone to jot down what those ideas were. It was filled with typos (thanks autocorrect), and sentence fragments, and incomplete ideas. I told myself I would flesh it out the next day and create a real, legitimate post. The thing is, I don’t compose blog posts on my phone. Ever, really. Phones equate to stupid typos… like “in” instead of “on” and “out” instead of “our”. I hate that I have those errors constantly because I don’t review my phone texts and comments closely before hitting send.

Last night, I wanted to find the spot on my phone where I could click “save draft” for the post. I ended hitting “publish” instead. I’m so tech savvy.

I quickly deleted it from this site.

But then, there’s the auto publicizing that I’ve set up. My typoed post had also gone out to Facebook and Twitter, as well as email. For a moment, my heart paused its beating, but then I figured… oh well. I went and deleted the posts created on Facebook and Twitter.

For those of you who received my email… lucky you?

This is just to tell you that I still know how to spell words correctly; I can write in complete sentences; I can put together coherent ideas; and I didn’t go crazy at 1:00 a.m. last night.

Even if the internet doesn’t forgive, I’m sure you will!

You’ve never done something like this, right?



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