Ode to my foam roller

foam-rollerI spent quality time this afternoon with my foam roller. The kids were in their rooms, napping or quiet timing, so I went to my room, too.

While on vacation last week, I truly missed my foam roller. I missed it many times, in fact. Times such as:

  • While waiting at the airport to catch another flight
  • Sitting on a flight for several hours with a small child on my lap
  • Sitting on a flight for many minutes with a small child asleep on my lap (don’t move!)
  • Sleeping in various beds with differing degrees of firmness
  • Falling asleep on a couch
  • Riding in the car

This afternoon, I laid down on the roller with it running along my spine, threw my arms out to my sides, and just gave in to the slightly tippy resting position. My posture thanked me and asked me to stay a while. At this point, Dom came down out of his room because his little alarm clocked had beeped, letting him know that quiet time was over. He came over to the gate, which keeps him from entering my room, and talked to me.

“Oh hi, mom.”


“My clock beeped so I’m all done.”

“Yep. Good job. Your Kindle is over by the computer.”

“Oh yeah. I see it.”


“I’m just going to play my Kindle now because I’m all done with quiet time.”


“I’ll just play my Kindle while you get your back to feel better.”

“Right. Okay.”

“You can come out when your back is better.”

“I will.”

“And I’ll just play my Kindle. And when your back is better, you can come and work on the computer.”


“And I’ll just keep watching the computer to make sure it stays on for you while I play my Kindle.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Finally walking away to play on his Kindle, he looked back over his shoulder and added: “Oh, and Mom.”


“I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

I also love my foam roller.


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