Pandiculation and Guiding Light – All the Rage on Google Trends

DOC: stretching… yawning…

LRE: Why the pandiculation, doc?

DOC: The wha…?

LRE: Pandiculation.

DOC: Really? You used that word in conversation.

LRE: No.

DOC: And it means?

LRE: Guess.

DOC: To be tired, need to stretch, yawn, and try to stay awake for your REALLY interesting appointment starting right now.

LRE: Aren’t you clever.

DOC: Thank you.

LRE: K, so you got close. It doesn’t have to do with being tired or having EXCESSIVELY interesting appointments.

DOC: Why didn’t you just say yawn?

LRE: I like big words.

DOC: Are you too good for our german-related vocabulary words?

LRE: I prefer latin-related vocabulary.

DOC: Snob.

LRE: There’s just some good words in that mix.

DOC: Like?

LRE: Arachibutyrophobia. Ask Megs about what that one means.

DOC: How?

LRE: Phone her.

DOC: I don’t feel like it.

LRE: Fine then, just look it up if you want. It’s a good one. Don’t ask me why I’ve remembered it for years. It’s come in handy before, though.

DOC: I bet. Oh by the way… did you hear that Guiding Light was canceled? After 72 years, how could CBS do that?

LRE: Guiding Light? You watch soaps?


LRE: Um, I work.

DOC: What do you think I’m doing right now?

LRE: And the only soaps I ever did watch were Spanish: Tres Mujeres, Cosas del Amor and Amigas & Rivales. That’s quality television.

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