Oh How I Love Thee Halloween

Halloween and I have a BEAUTIFUL relationship. Pure bliss.

It’s my favorite holiday. FAV.OR.ITE.

What was your costume this year? Leading up to Halloween, I was worried about having a good one. I was dreaming about it even.

Thankfully, though, Halloween stores pop up in random strip malls around here and my friend Emily stepped in as well.

I came up with three costumes. One for work, one for the Friday night party and one for the Saturday night party. Try and guess which one was my favorite.

ETHNIC ZOMBIE of course!*

All the stars aligned this year to provide me with a suitable costume for the party at the Nook Friday night.

Mom lent me capris, I found makeup at a Halloween store, and Pib’s Exchange provided the beret and striped shirt with art print and spider-web nylons for the remainder of my getup. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the makeup turned out. And by pleasant, I mean, eerily surprised by my ghoulish features.

Now I’m just waiting for friends to post pictures from the party on Facebook. So far only Leigh has, but you can only see my face.

So I’m waiting.

*The grey wig for work conjured up plenty of comments and the hippie costume afforded me the opportunity to wear fake eyelashes so 2nd and 3rd place were still fabulous costumes.