Changes to Larrie’s eWorld

I was waiting for some great idea to hit me and I’d have a humorous entry worthy of your precious blog-reading time. Nothing has hit me.


I tried; really, I did.

I didn’t want to talk about the BYU-Utah game because Kaakun already said enough. Or perhaps Hall threw the game on purpose so that the U could become the biggest donor to BYU’s program via a second trip to a BCS bowl…

I even tried reading old blog entries to spark an idea. And by old, we’re talking an ENTIRE year ago. That was ages and ages ago. Can you believe I’m even still blogging? Since then, though, I’ve had many changes to my eWorld. Or at least, I think there have been. Let’s make a list, how ‘bout?

  1. Changed blog hosts, leaving behind the restricted Live Spaces for more freedom from WordPress
  2. Ended my use of MSN Messenger following a company lockdown when an IT Support personnel (no less) clicked on a link from an outside contact and started spreading a virus to all his company contacts
  3. Now use Communicator at work and therefore no longer know what DFunk is up to
  4. Still have a Myspace account, but what’s the use?
  5. Probably overuse Facebook for event invitations, sharing pictures and poking people
  6. Blog every work day
  7. No longer have my own webpage; isn’t a blog as fantastic as mine good enough for you?
  8. Log online at home through my very own Comcast connection because I live all alone
  9. Use a new online stalking tool: iSearch
  10. Neglect my online-hosted email accounts because when I get home from work, all I care to do online is school
  11. No longer leave comments on my friends’ blogs (even when I have plenty to say) because they’re all blocked at work
  12. Use flickr for all of my online-photo-hosting needs
  13. Frequent Google Reader
  14. Stopped reading some blogs (like dooce and yourheartout) because for some reason, I got bored of them
  15. Stopped reading other blogs (like sarahnielsen and seriouslysoblessed) because they didn’t send entire feeds via RSS (BOO)
  16. I now post a Political Link of the Day, but does anybody ever read them? Does anybody even read this blog?
  17. And LAST, I’ve found this AMAZING product online that I will purchase for all of the men on my Christmas giving list this year: the Uroclub. For a great image of the club in action, click HERE.

So that was a good list, right? Sure… why not. I thought maybe it would be a better list, but trying to remember what I did a year ago compared to now turned out to be way too much work. Besides, I’m at work and I already have work to do.

Political Link of the Day: “Anatomy of a Meltdown: Ben Bernanke and the Financial Crisis

Over fifteen months, beginning in August, 2007, the Fed, through various novel programs known by their initials… lent more than a trillion dollars to dozens of institutions… The programs, which have received little public attention, were supposed to be temporary, but they have been greatly expanded and remain in effect.