we have a coat hanger lost within the bedroom wall

Last Night’s Break In

Nathan installed a home security for us after 5 of our neighbors had break-ins and 1 was an attempted break-in. Hooray for security, right?

It means that we can save money and no longer have to send Pogi to Attack Cat School. (Thanks to Randy for helping us get the equipment.)

So with our set up, we have a panel in our dining room and then a touch screen in the bedroom that links to that. Both would beep crazy loud if, after we’ve armed them, either the front door or the sliding door were opened. Nathan installed sensors on both of those entries.

So last night, around 2:30 am, I woke up to BLARING, ANNOYING, INCREDIBLY LOUD BEEPING.

I hit Nathan.

He’s the man of the house. It’s his job to save me from the intruder… since Pogi didn’t go to those classes.

GO GET ‘EM HONEY… wield your fisticuffs or something.

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story. All of that rising action and then, nothing. No climax.

The house was safe. The doors were locked and shut. The alarm was just going through menopause or something and had a middle-of-the-night, blaring hot flash. Once we got it turned off and got back in bed, I slept really well.

But that’s only if “slept really well” equates to “woke up at least once an hour to look over at the touch screen and see if it was hot flashing and blaring again.”

Despite that, I was grateful that it was a false alarm. Pogi hasn’t learned ANY attack skills.