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How Cute is Master Larrie?

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: I do believe this was the closest contest since the BEGINNING OF CAPTION CONTEST TIME. Wow. And the winner is… drum roll ta tat tat tat ta tat ratatatat… Meredith! Way to win that Mom. Just had to give it to the Panguitch reference. Too good.

Master Larrie the Graduate

Last week, I was absent from the blog world. I have no commitment with you people, apparently. How terrible.

Instead, I spent much of my time with my precious laptop giving myself a headache writing my LAST PAPER EVER for my master’s degree. Can you believe it? Two and a half long years of going to school in the evening (summer’s included), I can finally say that I’m done done done done done done done done AND done!

I finished the last sentence on Thursday night.

And then I celebrated by dancing around my home.

And then I celebrated by making a gingerbread house at Maren’s. Isn’t that how YOU would celebrate?

And then I celebrated some more by going hot tubbing with Megs. It was perfect because it was well below freezing, we were surrounded by snow and Megs put in the new John Mayer CD to listen to.

And then I celebrated some more by going with this hot guy that I know for some midnight Mexican. Well, it was kind of midnight.

And then I celebrated some more by getting up early on Friday to iron my gown and hood, meeting up with my parents at Alberto’s, driving to Logan, walking across Utah State in the 4 degree temperature and participating in graduation. Please begin referring to me as Master Larrie the Graduate now. Thank you very much!

And then I celebrated some more with a party that Megs threw for me where we had a smorgasbord of goodness to eat, we played some mean games of Twister, and I did a terrible job of trying to sound like a wicked witch while playing Curses.

And then I celebrated some more with a baby shower for Ali, and then a headache that sent me to bed for a bit, and then off to the Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert, and then Wal-Mart and then watch a movie by myself because, despite the lack of sleep all week, I couldn’t fall asleep.

And then I celebrated by going to the Tab Choir’s Sunday morning concert with this hot guy I know and then to church and then to my parents’ for dinner and then to a musical fireside for the Stake where I promptly fell asleep.

And that, my internet friends, is how you celebrate finally finishing graduate school.