Feeling Lucky Today! Also, A Survey, Ooooo

When I woke up this morning, it didn’t feel ANY different than a typical Monday morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to brush my hair. I didn’t want to put in my contacts. I didn’t want to move my body.

But I did it anyway. Just like I do every week.

And then I arrived at work and the day was suddenly filled with four-leaf clovers.

Four-Leaf Clover #1: I won a gift card! Turns out, it paid off to follower Overstock on Twitter. I won a FIFTY dollar gift card on Earth Day. I’m SOOOOO green that I deserved it. Now, who’s making fun of me for using Twitter? Ha!

Four-Leaf Clover #2: I’ve been published again*. This time, it showed up on the front page of For those of you not working in the geeky world of IT, you might not find the article interesting, but regardless, I wrote it and I was pretty excited to hear that they liked it enough to publish it on their site: “Be Good Enough: How the Agile Process Refocuses Business Analysts on Imperfections.”

Four-Leaf Clover #3: The boss canceled two of our meetings this morning. Less meetings on Monday = happy Larrie!

Four-Leaf Clover #4: Because of the cancelation of a meeting, I could go to a presentation on site about container gardening. Maybe this year, I’ll actually get tomatoes instead of just a plant with flowers on it. Cross your fingers.

Four-Leaf Clover #5: …who knows, but the day is far from over and I’m still feeling lucky!

And on that note, while I’m waiting around for my next bit of luck, I thought you might enjoy a fun little survey about how much you just LOOOOOVE this blog. They’re fun to take, right? Totally. Enjoy!

*You mean you didn’t know that I’ve been published before? That’s too bad because it means you’re not a very good Larrie stalker. Previous publications: The Leopard (high school newspaper, of course!, where I wrote sports stories and drew the cartoon called “Leopard Tracks”); Bridges Newsletter (for a nonprofit organization, Artspace); and Kula Manu, which paid me to publish a poem called “The Adverb.” Hey, gotta start small.

A Dreadful Therapy Appointment

(Thanks for the great idea, Kaakun.) Bring on the DOC for the FINAL Therapy Thursday! He has NO clue what is about to happen and really, neither do I, which is probably more a testimony to my need for REAL therapy than just a funny thing to say. Let us begin.

DOC: It’s about time you came back here. We probably have mountainous issues to work though.

LRE: Or we don’t.

DOC: Sure we do. It’s been so long I can’t believe you even walked in here on two feet.

LRE: How would you have expected me to come in? Crawling?

DOC: Maybe.

LRE: Sorry to disappoint.

DOC: I’ll get over it.

LRE: Well that’s good you’ll get over THAT.

DOC: Why the emphasis on the last word there?

LRE: I have something else to disappoint you with.

DOC: I bet you do. You have Therapy Tuesdays now, too. Is that it?

LRE: No. Once a week was MORE than enough.

DOC: Why the emphasis on MORE?

LRE: I’m in an emphatic mood today.

DOC: I don’t like your emphatic mood.

LRE: You probably shouldn’t.

DOC: Why? What does it mean?

LRE: Who is John Galt?


LRE: Whoa there, Doc. Don’t start yelling YET.








LRE: (deep breath) Calm down, DOC.

DOC: (trembling) I can’t. Something’s about to happen and I can just FEEL it. It’s going to be dreadful.

LRE: Let me just get some paper that I brought with me out of my pocket then.

DOC: Gulp.

LRE: Did you just SAY gulp?

DOC: Yes. It’s much more dramatic than just gulping.

LRE: Whatever. Here’s what I brought.

DOC: Oh dear. That looks dreadful.

LRE: You don’t even know what it is yet.

DOC: I have an unmanageable fear of folded up pieces of paper.

LRE: Must have been rough when you would make paper airplanes then, huh?

DOC: I NEVER made them.

LRE: Okay. Back to this dreadful paper of mine. It’s the results of my survey so far.

DOC: Survey?

LRE: Here, read the top.

DOC: “Which of the below would you like to see replace Therapy Thursdays?” REPLACE? ME?! G. U. L. P.

LRE: So now you’re spelling gulp?


LRE: But look how pretty I made the charts.

DOC: Well, that’s true. They are nice.

LRE: So next week, I’m going to have a replacement based on people’s choices.

DOC: Well, I guess the best I can do now is just add my input. Can I take the survey, too?

LRE: That’s it? You’re not going to throw a fit, toss me out the window or run screaming from the building?

DOC: No. There will be no tantrums, defenestrating, or… wait, we’re in a building?

LRE: Where did you imagine we were?

DOC: In a cabin up in the mountains with birds chirping outside.

LRE: Okay. Go to your cabin. And yes, you can take the survey… until next week. Here it is: Finding a Therapy Thursdays Replacement.



Replacing Therapy Thursdays

I need YOUR help, internet. I’m disillusioned with Therapy Thursdays and would like to replace these blog entries, either with a new therapy theme or with an entirely new idea. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

You always wanted to help out with the direction of this awesome blog, right? GREAT. Now’s your chance. It’s a fun survey and ONLY one page so it’s not overly loquacious as might be expected from me.

Thanks in advance for your help, friends!

A Little Something About A Survey

I know that there are many of you who have chosen not to take my blog’s cool survey. It’s your loss, seriously, because let’s be honest, I’m hilarious and therefore my survey is also hilarious. There is a theorem that proves this relationship to be true.

On the other hand, there are also those of you who HAVE taken the survey and therefore had a good laugh. I enjoyed reading your responses (in part because it made me laugh each time as well). Do you see the point here, internet? Living the good life means a lot of laughter. This is why Megs needs to come back from HK already.

So this is my response to the survey. Basically, let me tell you what people are thinking. First, WHY do ya’ll read my blog?

  1. For the laughter-induced ab workout,
  2. to online stalk me,
  3. and some want to be a part of either my every waking or my every sleeping moment.

I can’t blame you for any of those things. I’d stalk me, too.

Next, people voted on the types of blog entries they liked and the winner is:

  • those that refer to my insanity and need for therapy.

Tying at close second place:

  • those that mention you (everybody is narcissistic and I like it),
  • those that include lots of pictures.

There were other questions and answers, too. I choose to report only these ones to you.

So here’s my reward to those that took my survey. I’m going to write about THEM in the next two weeks. That means that you on the internet who choose not to participate in such entertaining surveys will miss out on getting any mention here on this sciolist blog. Also, it means that you will probably be reading very closely to try and guess who did take my survey. Enjoy.

P.S. It’s not like the survey is now retired. You’re still more than welcome to take it and get a good laugh in the process. Link in the top right corner.