Look What I Wrote Today

You would think after another busy weekend, I would have massive amounts of rambling to do. Perhaps I would share all the intimate details if I wasn’t so tired and coughy. (It’s my blog; I make up my own words.)

Don’t get me wrong, though. The weekend was rather fabulous although I should have slept more.

Plus, the cherry on top was seeing some of my Unspeakable pals, Kow, Bean and fam Sunday night. It was worth the drive to P-town.

Now I’m at work. Surprise. And there’s plenty to do. Surprise.

So rather than take the time to create a witty post about something that happened this weekend, I will simply cut and paste what I wrote this morning for work. Now, you will see why I’m so good at my job… because of the YEARS of honing my mighty writing skills as I earned my English degree from the prodigious BYU. Enjoy this brief, but enormously interesting SQL query:

select distinct

cast (masterSetting.setting_value as varchar(32)) as








dbo.tblCLTDMasterSetting mastersetting (nolock)

inner join dbo.tblCLTDSetting setting (nolock)

on mastersetting.setting_id = setting.setting_id

and setting.setting_name = ‘LTD Name’

inner join dbo.tblCLTDTest test (nolock)

on mastersetting.CLTD_ID = test.CLTD_ID

where test.use_arup_test_data <> ‘0’

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