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Why do I Blog?

DOC: Hey Lare… glad you could make it.

LRE: Gee thanks, Doc. You’re so informal today and I see you’re not wearing shoes. Your socks don’t match.

DOC: I learned that from your friend, Mademoiselle Drew.

LRE: How do you know her?

DOC: I know everybody who is so kind to comment on your precious little blog.

LRE: Oh.

DOC: Speaking of blogs—I’m curious. Why do you blog?

LRE: Why not?

DOC: Because everyone else does it?

LRE: Do you think that kind of thinking would sway me?

DOC: Well, not when it comes to politics.

LRE: Okay; you KIND OF know me.

DOC: But that’s not why you blog then, huh?

LRE: No. Do you want to keep guessing?

DOC: Is it for money?

LRE: Ha. That’s funny. It would be nice if my blog paid some bills for me, but that’s certainly not the case.

DOC: Fine then. I give up.

LRE: I blog so that when I get together with my friends, we don’t have to spend all of our time together catching up on what we did over the past year.

DOC: You only see your friends once a year?

LRE: Certain friends, yes, because they all moved so far away.

DOC: Out of state?

LRE: Not all of them—they moved to Daybreak and Syracuse.

DOC: Oh, I see. Yeah, that’s EXTREMELY far away.

LRE: Tell me about it.

DOC: And so they have already read about all of your imaginary therapy and you, therefore, don’t have to update them?

LRE: Well, I guess they still have to ask about my riveting dating life since I choose not to indulge such juicy details.

DOC: Like the “pathetic” Batman at the Halloween party?

LRE: Hey, how’d you know? Did Mademoiselle Drew tell you?

DOC: Okay, so you blog so your friends will read it. And they blog?

LRE: Mostly.

DOC: So is that the only reason you blog?

LRE: No, I also do it in hopes that my family will read it.

DOC: In hopes, huh?

LRE: Pretty much. Let’s just say that the ca-hoolest members of my family read it.

DOC: And the other members…

LRE: Should start reading it. Somebody should tell them.

DOC: Since I’m not real, I guess I can’t help you out there.

LRE: Not exactly. And, you gotta stop reminding my blog readers that this therapy session is held with an IMAGINARY doctor.

DOC: Why? Maybe they think it’s funny, too.

LRE: Oh, so YOU think it’s funny that you’re imaginary?

DOC: Why, yes; yes, I do.

LRE: At least you’re comfortable with yourself—or lack thereof.

DOC: Wait, so back to the topic at hand. Is that it? Those are the only reasons you blog?

LRE: Well, I obviously DON’T do it to post pics of my cute kids online.

DOC: Your kids aren’t cute?

LRE: I don’t know. Are they?

DOC: You have kids?

LRE: I suppose that I blog also for myself. I like to write—even if it’s strange, slightly crazy things like Therapy Thursdays.

DOC: Well, here’s hoping that somebody thinks it’s funny.

LRE: Seriously.

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