the ABCs (and Fs) of my browsing history

  1. Facebook
  2. Feedly
  3. Fidelity

ABCsTurns out, any one of these may be the top choice for the URL that populates when I type the letter, F, into my browser bar. It changes between these three depending on a few things: how sick I am of the spam in my Facebook feed, how much I dare to look at the stock market that week, or how much time I spend reading tech blogs at work.

Just for fun, here are the URLs that pull up based on each alphabet letter typed into my browser bar. This, my friends, is an interesting glimpse at my browsing history. Whoa. I can’t believe I’m about to share this! (For all my prime needs) (writing work) (keeping track of soooooo many work meetings) (family budgeting spreadsheets, writing work, my own writing) (I like their books for helping parents with sex ed) (at least, today) (writers’ group!) (we bought a house) (the house came with rooms inside, but no furniture)
jedediah morgan grant (because I searched for my ancestor recently) (local news, well, it’s KIND OF news) (duh, because it’s my blog) (checkin’ the email) (work) (writing work) (because everyone’s doin’ it) (um, I don’t even know… seriously, I don’t) (work, writing work, being dorky, news, and asking for help from the interwebs)* (writing work) (work, writing work, entertainment, and tracking my local politicians) (I miss soccer) (better than Verizon’s voicemail) (in case there’s a good deal) (for weekly laughs) (mostly for music while working, and of course, cat videos, because internet, duh) (I like looking at real estate)

So try it out. What websites come up as your “default” for each letter? Which one(s) surprised you?

*P.S. I finally put up the “reddit for dummies” article on my website, if you’re interested.

Utah, this is the place

UtahData can be beautiful, don’t you know?

For instance, I like when I have lots of data in our spreadsheets for our family finances so I can make pretty little charts. The charts are much better, of course, when the lines are going in the right direction: towards more saving, more in retirement, less debt, etc.

We have lots of data at work between tasks, hours, story points, and how many donuts were consumed by this team each week.

Actually, we don’t have that last one, but I’d like to see how it correlates to hours worked. I need funding for this new study.

So I spend some time at It’s a beautiful world, reddit is. If you haven’t ventured into it, once you find the subreddits for you, you’ll find a new love. I follow subreddits like agile, projectmanagement, technology, saltlakecity, latterdaysaints, android, clothdiaps, and funny. Today, I learned about a subreddit called dataisbeautiful.

Let me share with you a few neato images that were among the first links there today. Then you take the time to tell me what you think it means about my home state: Utah. This will be fun. Ready?

1. Birth Rates in US and Mexico

The first one shows you the crude birth rate from 2010 of both the US and Mexico States. (Crude birth rate means the number of live births among the population in a given year.)

2. Babies born to unmarried mothers in the US, over time.

This one’s an animation so take the time to watch as the US changes year after year. It shows you the percentage of babies that were born to unmarried mothers in the United States from 1980 – 2004.

Now, tell me, what did you learn from this? How excellent are these? So how cool data can be?