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Turning titanium one toe at a time


I have a titanium toe. You are probably envious. You should be. It’s pretty amazing, being part metal and all.

toe (1)During the 2009 calendar year, I made good use of my insurance at work by hitting my deductible with one toe surgery and then hurrying to get the second surgery done within the same year. Look at me, working the system and saving money on out of pocket expenses. For the second surgery, it was at the Orthopedic Center, which wasn’t too far away from the office so I had my parents give me a ride to work that morning, and then I walked to the surgery appointment.

I was in a boot for the next several weeks. The best part? It was the start of winter. Hobbling out to the car with crutches when a foot of snow has fallen? Somebody should invent 4WD crutches.

And when I had to walk through the labs to help support our new computer system, I had to put on a plastic cover. No opened toe shoes in the labs. Dangerous places.

Late one night, I went out to my car and it was covered in several inches of snow. It was nearing 2:00 a.m. and I saw a coworker’s car parked just across from mine, also covered in snow. I owned a mighty snow scraper/brush that had an extended handle, so clearing the snow off was quick work. After my car was cleaned, I hobbled/hopped over to Sandy’s car to clear hers off. I was able to finish the job, get in my car, and drive away before she came out.

The next day she told me thanks, though. Turns out, my footprints gave me away: one sneaker, and one squarish boot. Stupid boot.