principal dada

Back to school night

Dom and I knew that we would be on our own for dinner tonight because Dada (a.k.a. Chef Guapo) had Back to School Night. I may have forgotten how to cook in the 3+ years since getting married. I may have forgotten whether or not I DID cook when I was single. Snickers for dinner was once passable.

I did my best to procrastinate figuring out dinner for us tonight by taking Dom to Back to School Night.

When we got to the school, we followed the crowd of parents to the printed lists on the wall, posting teachers and their students. We looked for his name, but apparently, he wasn’t assigned to any grades. We wandered around to see if any of the teachers could possible take him, or even wanted to. We found two: the librarian and the science teacher. Dom won’t have home room, I guess.

Dom found the library on his own, practically ran through the door with a big smile on his face announcing, “Library!”

He tried out most of the beanbag chairs and carried a book of “peeeple” around with him.

Eventually, I distracted him away from books and we sauntered down the hall to one of the last classrooms, assigned to a science teacher, Ms. Baldree. He ran into this room as well, which surprised me.


I came around the corner and saw that he had found Dada in there. Big hugs all around. Dada then had to do some principal duties.

Ms. Baldree set Dom up with some coloring and he was quite happy for hours. Well, “toddler hours”. It was excellent and then I had a chance to catch up with the teacher because she and I are friends from years back.

It was a good evening. Dom saw his Dada at work and then we hit up some dinner at Paradise Bakery because I ran out of time to cook him something before bedtime.