Sitting, Smiling, Bathing, Tubbing. Birds, Pogi, and Plenty of Fun!

With the Independence Day holiday this last Thursday, I took advantage and made it into an extra-specially long weekend by taking Friday off from work. It was the best!

On the 4th, Nathan was blessed with lots of homework so Dom and I left him at home with Pogi’s help while we went to the zoo. I took my camera and left it in the diaper bag until the very end. This is how this picture (below) went down:

Oh how patriotic, the bald eagles! Let’s get a picture with them behind us.

Dustin takes the camera while Maren and I line up with the boys in the stroller.


Oh, the bald eagle flew away.

Can you see the other eagle hiding in the shadow?

Dustin: sure.

Picture taken.

Looking at the picture later: look how HAPPY our two boys are! Happy 4th to you.


Dom’s favorite was probably the polar bear that was pacing around his den and then outside, making circles in the dirt.

On the way home, he had to check on me in the car: “How’s the view from up there, mom? I got my sock. Yep. Light turned green. Green means go.”


Back at home, Pogi sat with Dom for a little bonding. They had truly missed each other. Truly. Madly. Deeply.


We barbecued at my parents that evening and enjoyed some relaxing time in the hot tub. Technically, it was more of a warm tub since it was nearing 100 degrees. Dom appreciated splashing around and standing up on his own.


On Friday, after Dom’s swimming class, our family (minus Pogi) went to Tracy Aviary with Laina, Hobbes and Alice. THIS TIME WE GOT A PICTURE WITH TWO BALD EAGLES. SO PATRIOTIC.


A peacock showed off for us. Not bad, bird; not bad.


And a few other gems from the outing:


To finish the weekend strong, Dom and Dad had a staring contest. Nathan won because SOMEBODY doesn’t have a very long attention span.


And here are a few bonus pictures for you: Pogi apparently loves Dom’s jumper and Dom apparently loves his baths and his dinners!



Conference Weekend Cabin Contentment

We have officially taken our first trip with Dominic. At the wise age of 4 and a half months, he has now slept somewhere other than the hospital or his home. We spent a night at my parent’s cabin in Midway with some family. That night was a bit of a disaster.

Little man went to sleep at 8:00 pm.

I left the bedroom door open (Dom’s pack ‘n play was set up in the walk-in closet), and went to sit in the family room with Maren and Laina. The husbands were not home yet from the Priesthood session of General Conference.

After about an hour, a baby was crying. All three moms looked at each other with bated breath. Who’s kid was crying? “It’s mine,” I said. Dom had woken up. It was 9:00 pm. After popping a binkie in his mouth, he seemed to settle down and go back to sleep. Phew, I thought. I joined the women on the couch.

The boys got home with food (more on that below) and we started eating until there was more crying. It was Dom again. It was around 10:00 pm now. Nathan went in and got him back to sleep. Eventually, we went into the bedroom, collapsed on the king size bed that was the creakiest thing I have ever encountered, and went to sleep.

There it was again: Dom crying. It was around 1:00 am. I got up and nursed him. He had a hard time, though, due to his stuffy nose. I thought I had him back to sleep and put him back into the closet. I was wrong. For the next three hours, Nathan and I made attempts to get him back to sleep. I started to cry in frustration so Nathan took him out to the living room so that I could sleep for a bit. Then Dom finally fell asleep. Sleeping on his side, he could actually breath through his stuffy nose. Nathan put him in the pack ‘n play and we went back to sleep.

Dom woke up at 5:30 crying. I nursed him again and he went back to sleep.

He woke up for the day around 7:00 am. I felt INVIGORATED.

Okay, so the night was a disaster, but the other part of the weekend was pretty fabulous. We drove up Saturday morning and Dom slept the entire 40-minute drive. We met up with Thane, Laina, Hobbes and Alice who had come up the night before and now had the TVs on, watching General Conference. We joined them sitting on the squeaky king-size bed, attempting to listen to the speakers, but paying more attention to the children. Eventually, Maren, Dustin and Campbell joined us as well.


Mick, Tracy, Annie, Emma, Abe, Jane and Kate came up late Saturday afternoon, but not to the cabin. They were staying in a little suite (courtesy of Opa) at Zermatt Resort. We took advantage of this by going to the pool. In case you can’t tell, it was steamy by the hot tub and fogged up my camera’s lens. All of the kids enjoyed their swim. Cousins like swimming. And clearly, Maren and Campbell couldn’t care less about the “wait 30 minutes after eating to swim” rule. I bet Michael Phelps doesn’t wait to get in the pool after eating. Just saying.


Remember how I told you that I would expound upon the food that the men brought home after the priesthood session? Good. This is where I am going to expound. The guys brought back Mexican food. It was A LOT of food. We needed to take a picture of it all, right? I climbed up on one of the recliners and told people to say cheese. Good job, Maren.

After we finished all of the food, we had to take “fat” pictures, right? RIGHT! I am surprised that Dom didn’t wake up from the laughing. Everything’s so much funnier when you’re sleep deprived and filled up on so-so Mexican food.


When we returned home from the cabin, the bag filled with Dom’s toys and books was left on the floor in our front room. I asked Pogi if he would please unpack it. He didn’t do a very good job of putting ANYTHING away. One day, perhaps, I will get that cat to do something USEFUL.

Gettin’ Old Little Man

Remember how it was 72 degrees last week? Remember how we started to get excited for spring? Remember how this is FOOLISH and the poor plants that fall for this cruel trick FREEZE TO DEATH? You do? Good job then. Nice memory.

It’s kind of funny, I suppose, that one of the reasons I tell people I love living in Utah is because we get four seasons. It makes me wonder: if the season of spring only manages to show up for about two weeks after the last snow and before 100 degrees hits, does that really counts as a full season? What do you think? Perhaps we only have 3.14 seasons. We have pi seasons. I love Utah because it has pi seasons. Good reasoning.

snowThis was what the day looked like for us: a nice dusting of snow. The temperatures were in the 30’s so last week’s 70’s seemed only like a vague dream. What a good dream it was.

I’m pretty sure that Dom was confused when I pulled out his fleece again. He certainly must have thought, after last week, that he would get to bust out shorts or start running around in only his diapers now. That kid was EXCITED, I tell you what. And then this morning, he watched as I reached into the closet and pulled out his blue, full-body coat. He sighed.

Once I had him all bundled up, we braved the chilly snowflakes that landed on our eyelashes as we hurried out to the car. We were off, but not to daycare today. We were off to the clinic for Dom’s dreaded four-month appointment. I’m pretty sure that last night, he could SENSE the imminent shots and therefore, did not sleep well. I don’t blame him. Nobody wants to get jabbed and vaccinated. I had my tetanus shot a few months back and am NOT A FAN. (Flu shots, we can be friends, but definitely not the cruel tetanus and I.)

Here’s what we learned at the doc’s today: Dom weighs 13 lbs 8 ounces, putting him in the 26th percentile. That’s a good percentile, wouldn’t you agree? His head is 27th percentile and for length, he’s 50th. He’s a healthy kiddo. I was glad to see this because he struggled with the bottle for about two weeks when he started daycare.

dom_sleepingAnd then poor little guy had his shots. He screamed and I felt bad and the medical assistants felt bad, and really, nobody was enjoying this moment. Even if Pogi had come with us, he would not have enjoyed it one bit either. After nursing, we drove home, and he was OUT within minutes of getting in the car. I put him down in his crib still in his fleece. See? He’s out. Shots will do that to ya.

I love my little man more each day and now that we are starting to get to know his personality, we are having so much fun. He’s a very happy kid, quick to smile at everyone (which the old ladies at church love), has a great giggle, and is very proud of his butt chin. I think he likes it because it means his mom will let him say the word, butt. Ha. Butt chin. Of course my little kid can say that.

He and Pogi really are good friends. He watches the cat whenever he’s around and this morning, as I buckled him into his car seat, I asked him where his kitty was. I am pretty sure that he looked around until he found him. Pogi was sitting on top of the desk and when Dom saw him, he smiled and watched him while I finished buckling. Pogi tries to help all of the time, with diaper changes, folding laundry, playing with toys, and reading books. I’ll tell you, my friends, it’s pretty adorable when Pogi rubs his face against Dom’s hand and that brings a big smile for little man. We like happiness! We live after its manner. Happy four months, son!


Better Friends Than Fox & Hound


Little D Man is getting bigger now and gets to graduate from just floor time to sitting time. This means that Pogi is even more interested in him. Each new skill Dom masters means he is one step closer to throwing something. Pogi is anxiously awaiting his ability to throw cat toys down the hall. Then, we can just leave the cat in charge and go to a movie. Dom and Pogi will happily play fetch for hours, I’m sure.

Dom and Pogi are good buddies now. They like to play together. I suppose I should say: Pogi likes to try and play with Dom; Dom is still learning what hands are. I tried to take some pictures of the two of them playing together the other day, but they kept on moving. I asked them to hold still, but nobody obeys mom in this household.


So then I switched to video. Much better.

Christmas Time is Here!

This is just to say…

  • Christmas treats are delicious
  • Too bad it won’t be a white Christmas here
  • But we should have blue skies, no inversion 🙂
  • We finally put up decorations and our tree this week
  • Pogi has not eaten the tree or even knocked off one ornament (yet)
  • Lots of time with family (even though we really miss fam in Texas)
  • Cross your fingers that my fantasy team manages to pull off a championship (it’s close)
  • Time off of work, hip hip pooray!
  • And lots of time to spend with Nathan, thanks to holiday vacation time!

What’s on your list?

Last Night’s Break In

Nathan installed a home security for us after 5 of our neighbors had break-ins and 1 was an attempted break-in. Hooray for security, right?

It means that we can save money and no longer have to send Pogi to Attack Cat School. (Thanks to Randy for helping us get the equipment.)

So with our set up, we have a panel in our dining room and then a touch screen in the bedroom that links to that. Both would beep crazy loud if, after we’ve armed them, either the front door or the sliding door were opened. Nathan installed sensors on both of those entries.

So last night, around 2:30 am, I woke up to BLARING, ANNOYING, INCREDIBLY LOUD BEEPING.

I hit Nathan.

He’s the man of the house. It’s his job to save me from the intruder… since Pogi didn’t go to those classes.

GO GET ‘EM HONEY… wield your fisticuffs or something.

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story. All of that rising action and then, nothing. No climax.

The house was safe. The doors were locked and shut. The alarm was just going through menopause or something and had a middle-of-the-night, blaring hot flash. Once we got it turned off and got back in bed, I slept really well.

But that’s only if “slept really well” equates to “woke up at least once an hour to look over at the touch screen and see if it was hot flashing and blaring again.”

Despite that, I was grateful that it was a false alarm. Pogi hasn’t learned ANY attack skills.

Looked Out The Window And… It’s Still Winter

The Elkins Fam* was taking a nap Sunday afternoon while DVR’d episodes of Mom playing for Music and the Spoken Word repeated on the TV. Seemed tranquil right? Curled up together on the couch with a soft blanket and Pogi would occasionally check on us, or on the blanket**.

Do you know what you dream about when things are all happy and tranquil like that?

Wearing shorts.

It wasn’t a deep sleep for me and when I woke up from that dream, realizing that winter wasn’t planning on going anywhere for a few more months, I was bummed. But it was warm inside, and extra warm on the couch, so I closed my eyes and drifted off again.

Does it ever feel like, to you, that each year winter takes a little bit longer to finally end? Last year, I had plans to actually go snowboarding for the first time ever in an attempt to enjoy winter more. Never happened. Turns out, you can’t do that for free. I’d rather spend money on soccer.

Also last year, Maren, Laura and I made up a song or rap, or something of the sort, about how cruel January can be. And it was on January 1st that we did this. Already complaining, it seems. But, these are the things we do to cope so that we continue on, mostly upbeat. Can’t let the cold and lack of sunshine get you down for long, no? So on a positive note, here are some of the blissful things I did this weekend:

  • Watched hours of Lonesome Dove at Maren’s in-laws’. We all ate dinner together while we watched and Nathan fell asleep on the couch next to me so he kept me warm. Eventually, we also ate ice cream, somebody burped, and there were jokes about poking. A very cultural evening.
  • Slept in on Saturday. Ah.
  • Took 4 boxes of kitchen dishes and 3 bags of clothes and old towels to the DI in our ongoing quest to organize our lives in our small condo.
  • Got in the line at Smith’s with one of the fastest checkers in the west. Nice.
  • Watched some 9th grade basketball where I briefly thought I was in some sort of a movie plot because one of the boys playing in the last couple of minutes of the game was autistic and all of the boys on the court handed him the ball to let him take a shot. He airballed. So the refs gave the ball back to him and had him shoot again. He made it and then went bounding down the court, fists pumping, everybody cheering regardless of their team.
  • Went to the Jazz game to watch the Thunder teach them how to play basketball. Nathan and I spent much of the game laughing at the old man behind us who was cheering, nasally, the entire game by repeating the same phrases over and over: “come on Jazz,” “please make it,” “just win already,” and “just shoot it.” He wore a fluorescent orange jacket. Dad took a brief nap next to us.
  • Sunday morning church and I didn’t fall asleep once. I think I might finally be adjusting to the morning church time.
  • Sunday afternoon nap. Ah.
  • I made cookies and Nathan made delicious appetizers which we took to Jarv and Jennie’s for Sunday dinner.
  • Dinner consisted of the Super Bowl, commercials, sitting outside on the cold sidewalk waiting for little Kate to look up and finally smile at me, eating too much good food, Tess sitting on my lap to open some of her presents, Bennett hugging Great Grumma, and eventually going home to a warm bed.

Not bad for a cold winter weekend, right?

*A.K.A. me and my hot hubby.

**Pogi “loves” that blanket. And by love, I mean that he prefers to show the blanket who’s boss while kneading it and purring.

Day 19: My Opinion on Cats and Dogs

Today’s “Build a Better Blog” task asked me for my opinion. Seriously. It said, “Hey Larrie, what do YOU think?” when I opened the link. Wow. How’d it know my name? They must be tracking IP addresses over at that there Problogger.

So what does it want my opinion on, you might ask?

Anything I feel like.


I thought about this for a while. Then I stopped thinking about it and worked for a while. Then I thought about it again. Then I went to lunch and didn’t think about anything except for willing my metabolism to speed up as I aged. When that failed, I turned my attention back to my opinion blog entry waiting for me to write it.

I even ran into the blog entry walking back to lunch and it got mad at me. “Hey, Larrie, when are you going to write me already?”

Fine, I said. Let me sit down real quick like and write an opinion on something that is not political.*

So here you have my opinion on owning cats. (Feel free to laugh here and now at the cat lady.) Here goes.

I grew up with pets. We had dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, fish**, a snake and a frog. In junior high, I even had a very close encounter with a big dog and his teeth that taught me not to allow a dog’s teeth to bite down on my face ever again. Good lesson.

I look forward to the day when I will have a yard and therefore, a dog again. I can teach him all the tricks that I taught our poodle, including hide and seek. Until that day, I have a cat who thinks he’s a dog. Here’s what happens when I get home.

I sit down to read mail, turn on the TV and realize that something is biting the remote and/or my hand. Oh, it’s just Pogi telling me, “Hi, you taste salty and this remote does a little, too.”

I pat him on his head even though he would really prefer that I pet him. He runs down the hallway into the bedroom and comes back with a toy. It’s a tiny, pink stuffed mouse that isn’t so much stuffed now because he decided to make a hole in it and pull out some of its stuffing. Like a dog. Dogs have toys that once-upon-a-time resembled objects like stuffed animals, tennis balls, or the neighbor’s cat.

Back to Pogi. He drops his little pink toy on my lap and sits back waiting. Usually, he’s waiting on the top of the couch, muscles twitching in anticipation and he’s purring like a Bugatti Veyron just waiting to race along the A81 from Gottmadingen to Weinsberg in Germany***. At this point, I’ve put down the mail and have my laptop on to address the homework needs for the night. It takes me a minute to realize the cat’s waiting for me to throw his toy again, but his purring gets louder and I can’t turn up the TV enough to drown him out. Fine. I throw the toy.

He back flips off of the couch.

This used to amaze me. It’s not so amazing anymore because he does it almost every time. It’s gotten old. He should come up with something new, like throwing in an extra flip and a double twist, plus some toe touches and a high five.

He brings the toy back and drops it. In this, he is not like a dog. He always drops his toy. None of that slimey-tennis-ball-tug-of-war. I appreciate this because I do not want to wash my hands every time I play fetch.

Also, when I fake a throw, Pogi NEVER falls for it. This always worked for our dogs growing up. And then you would laugh at them while they ran around the backyard looking for the tennis ball in the flowers, under the tramp, in the hot tub. They never think to check your hand.

Pogi just stares at me, though, when I fake a throw. I’m sure he’s thinking, “Come on. As if.” Sometimes, he just waits until I give up on the faking and throw it already. Other times, he chooses not to wait and bites the fist with the toy crushed up inside. Ouch.

Once, I didn’t want to play fetch so I took the toy and stuck it in the bathroom door just above the highest hinge. I thought that cat would be jumping for his toy for the next hour. He got it down in four jumps.

He won. I played fetch.

And that’s what life is like with a cat. The end.

*When my blog had the most hits, it was when I was writing lots of my political opinions all over the place. True, I was getting more and more traffic each week, but I was also getting more and more depressed. NATIONAL POLITICS IS A MAJOR DOWNER, DESPITE WHICH PARTY HAS THE POWER. Corruption does not equal happiness. Imagine that.

**We owned fish for about a week, maybe. It wasn’t long before they were belly up in their bowl, though, so I replaced real-life fish with a cartoon fish in 6th grade.

***No, I’ve never been there, but I hear it’s a 121 mile stretch of straight, well-engineered pavement with sporadic law enforcement – basically it’s a playground for the lead-footed.