Typical Hollywood Plot: New Girl Gets Befriended by Sweet Spirits

Sunday, I relocated to a new location on the Island of the Misfit Toys. This new location has twice as many women as men and currently lacks any humor in Gospel Doctrine classes. Maybe they’ll call me as a teacher and I can change that.

The relocation followed the plot of almost any given movie where a new girl moves in (think Never Been Kissed, Mean Girls, almost any high school, new girl movie except for High School Musical): new girl enters the building not sure where to go, stands around outside a room for a while waiting for the class to end and first sweet spirit shows up to offer friendship and help. Before long, four sweet spirits had offered their help, friendship, and cell phone number along with “I have UNLIMITED TEXTS so you can get a hold of me that way… if you like.” I like nice people, even if they are sweet spirits. It’s one of the reasons that I liked my old place on the island where there were sweet spirits in abundance (although there were also those whose sense of humor came out in Gospel Doctrine and as mentioned above, this is something that I miss already).

Sweet Spirit (SS) 1: my first new friend had some gaps in her teeth and didn’t wear any makeup, but was able to help me determine that yes, this is the new ward for those living in my section of the Island.

SS 2: spelled her name for me because I had never heard it before: N-I-C-K-E-L-L-E. And that was the only time she talked to me, but she nicely stood by the sweet spirits group while waiting for Gospel Doctrine and came to join us on the fourth bench in sacrament meeting.

SS 3: played the organ and therefore is a favorite of the Bishop’s. She also had glasses with thick rims that sit near the bottom of her nose, except for the times she pushed them up, and had greasy blonde hair parted down the middle. She, like her sister (SS1), had spaces between her teeth that I noticed because she smiled so much—made me smile since it’s infectious and all.

SS 4: has unlimited texts and frizzy hair. She’s figured out conversation, though, and made me feel like the star of the new neighborhood by being fascinated with my life, asking lots of questions and encouraging me to join them for girl’s night out tonight.

Sadly, the amount of homework I need to accomplish BEFORE taking off for CALIFORNIA NEXT WEEK (!!!!) will keep me confined to the laptop tonight. Somebody remind me why I decided to go back for a master’s, please?

One other person to mention in this New Girl and Sweet Spirits plot is, of course, the handsome hunk. Let’s call him Officer. Besides being good looking, any guy who stops me in the hall to ask me questions and actually be interested in the answers deserves the current spot as the leading man in this new plot. We call him Officer because he’s four weeks away from finishing the Police Academy. I might start speeding through my new neighborhood in a month to see if the Officer will pull me over.

“I’m sorry, miss, but I have a report here from a previous incident with the UNDERCOVER GANG PATROL from 1999 and I’m going to need to have you step out of the car and come around to the back of my car.” At this point in my reenactment, I was going to add a “spread ‘em” remark from the Officer, but let’s keep it clean here, people.

Who knows which lucky guy will be next week’s leading man…