not a yogi

Testing the ol’ muscles

I MAY have overdone things last weekend and I MAY still be paying the price. Some things have been difficult lately:
Stepping over the baby gate
Swinging my legs into the car
Getting up from a chair

I decided it would be an amazing idea to strap Dom into the jogging stroller and skip to my loo to daycare on Friday morning. There and back was 3.2 miles. I haven’t run more than a mile in months. But that’s how I roll it seems: go big and do your best to get back home. I wanted to walk back home but I was supposed to be back online teleworking.

Hurry Larrie! The group IM conversation is waiting for you! There are unread emails! Exclamation points!!!

I stumbled into our driveway, pushing an empty stroller, Dom happily playing at daycare, 45 minutes after departure. Speedy.

I already knew that my muscles needed some help now so I finished up some teleworking, headed into the office for a meeting, then followed that up with the yoga class in our corporate wellness center (fancy-clancy name for a gym at work).

Somehow I always forget that yoga is hard. It is not relaxing. You do not spend an hour sitting on a mat humming and counting breaths. It is not easy on your leg muscles to hold poses.

And did I mention I have zero flexibility? I can’t even touch my knees; toes are totally out of the question.

So that was Friday: running the daycare 5k in the morning followed by the yoga shakes at lunch. (Holding poses=shaky)

I followed that up with my first soccer game of the season on Saturday.

In case you were wondering, none of the muscles in my hands are sore.