Episode 50: Fridays Used to be Capri Fridays

I kept on finding great excuses to buy new shoes: I’d started a new job; that job required closed-toe shoes; I probably needed these shoes in many different styles and colors; and then we decided to have Capri Fridays! It was Janet’s idea and, of course, I went along with it. This also meant that I now needed cute, casual sneakers to wear each week. The collection slowly started to grow: a fluorescent green pair of Diesel sneakers, a black pair of Pumas, brown, rugged J-41s.

I loved Capri Fridays and needed to share that love with others I worked with so on Thursdays, I would go around telling women (because I don’t live in Europe so no men were included, sorry) to wear their capris the next day.

I told Cindy and she just stared at me, thinking, “Why would I take style advice from you? You have fluorescent green shoes.”

I told Tammi. She laughed and replied, “I’m too white to show any part of my legs at work.”

“That doesn’t stop me,” I retorted, but my argument was futile.

I told Mzia and she said, “Okay!”

And then one day Janet left the company. It ruined Capri Fridays. Nobody around here even remembers that we once had them.

Probably because they really only existed in my world, with Janet playing along and once, several years ago, Mzia also wore her capris on a Friday.

Kind of like how nobody takes a Diet Coke Break now or excuses themselves to use the middle stall.

So instead, I tried to instigate High Five Fridays!

Do you think it stuck?

Day 5: Who Wants Some Personal Attention from Larrie?

Just before the Problogger website pops up, I get a little excited wondering what the challenge for today will be. Then I saw today’s “Build a Better Blog” task for Day 5: Email a Blog Reader.


That’s what I thought.

And for a bit, I wondered if I would just skip today.

I am only working a half day so why not take some time off from the blog world, too, right?

Then, as I was walking back to my desk from our team meeting, I overheard a conversation about lunch that went something like this:

Mz: Did you bring?

Freddy: No.

Mz: Step.

And off they went.

I did not go to lunch with them. Instead, I sat down at my desk surrounded by empty cubicles and in the silence of my IT world, I thought, “How about if I set up a little CONTEST for this here task today. Okay, yeah. Good idear o’Larrie.”

So here it is. Your contest for today, if you choose to accept, is to post a comment in order to WIN a chance to get an email from LARRIE! The winner will be the comment who finishes this sentence the best:

I realized it was time to move out of the OC when I saw a couple pushing a stroller meant for twins, and instead of twins it contained…

Reproduce an American

“For how long they are going to be here?” ~Mz

“She reproduces in May.” ~Freddy

“They did not think she was going to stay six months and produce an American?” ~Mz

I went to lunch with two coworkers. If you couldn’t guess, English isn’t their first language. They were talking about Freddy’s sister-in-law who was here on a visa. All my life, I called it giving birth, but reproducing and producing work, too, I suppose.

(I was sick yesterday. Did you miss me?)

Episode 24: Good-bye Chocolate

Of course we think that OUR jokes are funny in IT.

We choose NOT to ask the general public whether or not they agree.

But, I am brave; I am going to post right here, on the public, world WIDE web, one of our jokes.

Yesterday, Freddy left his computer unlocked and went to his meeting.


Before long, MZ found his PC in such a vulnerable state and quickly clicked on his Outlook. It took seconds before the entire group received an email… from Freddie:

Subject: Come say godd [sic] bye

I decided to quit! Sick of working with you, people! Good bye chocolate at my desk…

Coworkers came running. Either to apologize and beg Freddy not to leave. Or because they wanted chocolate before it was all gone.

They found NO chocolate and NO Freddy. And even MZ had already snuck back to her desk undetected (except by me) and muffling her giggles.

With Freddy in a meeting and no chocolate at his desk, coworkers quickly worked to remedy the situation. Before long, the following items were strewn across his keyboard:

  1. A nearly empty package of double-stuff Oreos
  2. Six tootsie rolls (the really little ones)
  3. One dark-chocolate Hershey’s bar, broken in several places
  4. A dark chocolate candy bar from some foreign country
  5. Two Hershey’s Nuggets Truffles
  6. And one tin of milk chocolate Slim-Fast powdered drink mix.

Upon Freddy’s return, he wondered aloud: “Is it Halloween already?”

Bethy the Third then asked him if perhaps he was depressed (being the reason that he had decided to quit) and Freddy quickly replied, “I’ve never been depressed so if I was, I wouldn’t know.”

With that statement, the as-depressed-as-the-average-working-adult coworkers ran to Freddy’s desk and took all of the chocolate to consume for themselves and try to lift their own dreary spirits.

Good thing Freddy doesn’t like chocolate.

Political Link of the Day (I laughed): “…Imagine the Democratic nominee’s day as Barack Palin Obama