Episode 80: Burning Bridges

I was looking for something to do when I had free time (on lunch breaks, in the evenings, on the weekends). So I wrote an article. It’s absolutely RIVETING, too. I mean, if I were to turn it into a full-length novel it would garner positive reviews such as, “page-turner,” “won’t be able to put it down ONCE,” and “this book will change your life… for the BETTAH!”


So what is the subject, you might ask? It’s stated simply in the title.

Dreaming of a Business Analyst Career: A Personal Journey From QA To BA.

See what I mean? ENTHRALLING!

Of course, for the audience, it can be interesting. It’s on a website called, which is a resource for Business Analysts (BAs). I suppose that I wrote to my audience. Good job, ME.

You should read it. Really. At least read the first bit about what I wanted to be when I was in kindergarten. That is based on FACT and I still have the book from kindergarten to prove it. Nathan has seen it so he can be my witness.

And then scroll to the very bottom and read the author’s bio. This was my boss’s boss’s favorite part. I guess that’s how you compliment your employee on writing an article that was okay and you were just really stretching for a positive bit to tell them. Thanks boss’s boss!

A funny thing happened after I wrote this. Somebody posted a comment.

I know, who comments, right? People just read these business-y blogs or articles and then go on with their lives, never telling the author anything like, “hey, I read this and you should know.” I was mightily surprised.

And it was a long comment, too. So let me summarize it with this: “Jasporax” shared his resume with me, told me about a poor relationship he has with a coworker and then that this relationship kept him from getting a job as a BA. He even stated that he was certain that he was unfairly treated so didn’t feel the need to bend over backwards. But… how could he somehow get the BA job?

What I wanted to respond with was, “Go to a new company where you haven’t burned any bridges or else, you’re just going to have to bend so far backwards that you manage to reach the other side of the chasm and serve as the bridge yourself. Good luck.”

That’s not how I responded. Instead I used sympathetic phrases like, “sounds like a tough situation.” Maybe I’ll create a separate account there with a random user name like “TheHonestTruth” and comment: “Good luck, buddy. May the bridges you burn light the way.”

How would you have responded to this guy’s request for guidance?

Feeling Lucky Today! Also, A Survey, Ooooo

When I woke up this morning, it didn’t feel ANY different than a typical Monday morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to brush my hair. I didn’t want to put in my contacts. I didn’t want to move my body.

But I did it anyway. Just like I do every week.

And then I arrived at work and the day was suddenly filled with four-leaf clovers.

Four-Leaf Clover #1: I won a gift card! Turns out, it paid off to follower Overstock on Twitter. I won a FIFTY dollar gift card on Earth Day. I’m SOOOOO green that I deserved it. Now, who’s making fun of me for using Twitter? Ha!

Four-Leaf Clover #2: I’ve been published again*. This time, it showed up on the front page of For those of you not working in the geeky world of IT, you might not find the article interesting, but regardless, I wrote it and I was pretty excited to hear that they liked it enough to publish it on their site: “Be Good Enough: How the Agile Process Refocuses Business Analysts on Imperfections.”

Four-Leaf Clover #3: The boss canceled two of our meetings this morning. Less meetings on Monday = happy Larrie!

Four-Leaf Clover #4: Because of the cancelation of a meeting, I could go to a presentation on site about container gardening. Maybe this year, I’ll actually get tomatoes instead of just a plant with flowers on it. Cross your fingers.

Four-Leaf Clover #5: …who knows, but the day is far from over and I’m still feeling lucky!

And on that note, while I’m waiting around for my next bit of luck, I thought you might enjoy a fun little survey about how much you just LOOOOOVE this blog. They’re fun to take, right? Totally. Enjoy!

*You mean you didn’t know that I’ve been published before? That’s too bad because it means you’re not a very good Larrie stalker. Previous publications: The Leopard (high school newspaper, of course!, where I wrote sports stories and drew the cartoon called “Leopard Tracks”); Bridges Newsletter (for a nonprofit organization, Artspace); and Kula Manu, which paid me to publish a poem called “The Adverb.” Hey, gotta start small.