Day 15: Spending the Weekend Away from the Computer

I skipped a couple of days of “Build a Better Blog” tasks. I didn’t even log on to my PC over the weekend to check emails or Facebook. Gasp. That means that I can pick and choose which tasks I complete for today from those that I missed during my internet absence. Here are the choices:

So what would you pick? The task where I actually step away from the PC; the task where I go and make changes to some of the pages I haven’t looked at for a while like the about me page or the cast of characters; or the task where I find me some blogging buddies? I think I might make an application for that last one… at a future date and time. I do need to update my cast of characters again; it’s been a while. But for today, let’s tackle the first task.

The blogger that writes Problogger admitted in the description for this task that he was in his PJ’s still blogging at 4pm. I suppose that blogging is his job so he’s really been working all day and the dress code is casual. Still, get out more, buddy. His way of getting out was to go to the mall and observe people.

My way of getting out is to interact with people. Wow. I must be an EXTRAVERT.

Here’s what I learned from this weekend of interactions:

  • The entire internet should be jealous of my family; this includes my extended family as well. We even make baby showers a great little party for my fabulous sister-in-law, Laina.
  • Hot tubbing is a beautiful thing; hot tubbing when the water smells like eucalyptus is bliss; hot tubbing with eucalyptus-scented water and raspberry-lime ice water is celestial.*
  • Manual labor can be exhausting, but I also met more of my neighbors when we decided to save the HOA some money and clean up our desperate landscaping around the condos; turns out, we should have rented some dumpsters for the project – caution: piles of ripped out ivy everywhere.
  • I’ve never enjoyed losing so bad in a soccer game, but it just felt so good to work really hard and inch ever closer to my goal of being in shape again.
  • What would you do if you came home and the power was out? Beth and I walked to the store (one mile away) to buy lunch and picked up a fire bowl on the way back. Then, we grilled steaks and sat out on the porch in the sun. Welcome spring!
  • I am now far enough removed from high school that I like seeing old friends… like at stake conference where there are many of you.
  • I’m glad Beth made me be social and go to Chili’s Saturday night; I didn’t need more food, but the company was superb.
  • Making cookies Sunday mornings is a tasty way to start the Sabbath.
  • Spring time is amazing; especially when it includes spending time at the park BBQing.
  • I have the best friends and the internet should be jealous of them, too; they laugh with me til my abs hurt, they make delicious crepes, they look for a missing cat and even make a poster, they clean up after parties, they like my home, they like me, they plan trips to a yet-to-be-determined destination, and they rock the casbah.
  • Minyo (my cat) came back last night a little before 3:00 a.m. Now we know that I don’t lose a cat after only a year. Phew. Now I have ‘lost kitty’ posters that I won’t need to use. Phew again, but thanks to Megs who made them even though she doesn’t like cats. She must like me. Bonus.

*That was the three degrees of hot tubbing glory. (Ha, what a funny Mormon joke.)

Day 4: Is there anybody out there… like me?*

Today’s “Build a Better Blog” task required me to analyze a top blog in my niche.

My niche?

Is there any other blog in the world in my niche?

I was stumped.

So instead, I started scanning through my friends’ blogs. I heart my friends. I heart their blogs. These are some of them (in random order):

Mama’s Boys – Linds and I became friends our senior year of high school, but we went to school together since kindergarten. It’s sad that we missed out on all of those years of friendship we could have had, but we made up for it, possibly all in one weekend that involved squirt guns, walkie-talkies, cell phones, undercover gang patrol cops, and an accident.

Phabulous Phippens – Mine and Karen’s friendship came and went because she came and went moving to and from Utah and always back to the same school from elementary through high school. This included a short stint in a musical, getting in trouble with the typing teacher, and attempting to sing in choir first thing in the morning. When I have kids, I’ll expect to call her frequently for advice.

Shanny’s Life – Shannon and I also went to school together since kindergarten and became almost friends in high school, but REALLY became friends as roommates our freshman year in college. That happened because I leaned over in Calculus, senior year, and said, “Hey, I need a roommate and you’re going to BYU. What’s your social security number?” (I also follow her husband, Clark’s blog, Bethletard. It’s a good one.)

The M’s – Sabrina shares her blog with her husband-how cute are they? And again, she’s a friend who I went to school with since kindergarten, but didn’t really become buds until senior year. Are we noticing a theme yet? However, we do have some moments of connection prior to that, including hiding in a garage with baby quail (sometime in 3rd grade, perhaps), and having Calculus study sessions in my basement where we rewarded ourselves with playing some type of wrestling game on the N64 after.

my little adventures… – Meghan, Meghan, bo Beghan experienced the Larrie friendship curve. This is where it takes some time before she realizes my quirks are actually endearing and then decides that we should spend Valentine’s Day eating Thai food with our Korean friend and then bake mountains of chocolate chip cookies while listening to Outkast. Can you believe they allowed such unruly behavior at BYU? Thankfully, the friendship curve doesn’t seem to be a bell curve; no sloping down yet.

Scattered Starlight – English majors UNITE! Somehow, Katie and I never got to know each other during our tenure as English majors at BYU, but we became friends afterwards, thanks to my sister-in-law, her best friend, Genny. Now we get to connect in a myriad of ways, from reading each others’ blogs to twittering back and forth or posting on each others’ Facebook walls. Yep, we’re TIGHT.

v1.2 – “Kaakun” was in a BYU ward. I have no idea how we became friends because there are many, many holes in my memory from that year of school. However, I do remember him and Rachel playing the “state game,” his commentary during mine and my roommates’ ice skating finals, and drawing on his apartment window in the middle of the night. Since then, there have been Vegas weddings, broken beds, and vomiting at Crown Burger. Sweet, sweet memories.

Family blogs: life of laina – I’m so happy my brother married Laina, for many reasons, one of which is that she blogs and it’s consistent, unlike her husband, Thane, who recently started up again on his blog, My Separate from Wife’s Blog. Nobody else in my family really blogs so I adopted my sister-in-law, Tracy’s family: Aimee, internal conversations & ramblings of aimee heffernan; Scott, Vote of Die Blog; and Ryan, The Idealistic Investor.

Tiffanie – I am a fan of our story. We met briefly during the ’99-’00 school year when she visited my roommate from Kansas. Then, I ended up in that same roommate’s wedding party where her best friend from Kansas, Tiff, did not. Seemed odd and so I was hesitant to talk to Tiff because I was the bad guy in this situation. Then, many moons later, she moved to Salt Lake and we ended up in the same singles ward. I went up to her and said, “Are you from Olathe, Kansas?” Who’s heard of Olathe and who can pronounce it right? Me. That’s who. Oh-lay-thah.

Two of my roommates who weren’t actually roommates: Nichole-The Audrey show, and Leslie-The Collyafaces. We lived next door, but both apartments got along so well, we would have knocked down the wall that separated us if we could. Now, I just stalk them via their blogs where they post pics of their adorable little girls.

A Day in the Life of Clancy – I knew Clancy when I was younger, but she was always the big sister. Instead, I spent all of my time running around with her little sister, Lacy-climbing cherry trees, rollerblading down Harrison (from 1300 E to 1100 E), doing art projects and playing Nintendo. However, today, Clancy and I go rollerblading down Harrison. Wait. No, we don’t because she doesn’t even live in Utah. Instead, we just stalk each others’ blogs and hit up the jokes on FB chat. It’s a beautiful relationship.

Norton News – Amy and I rocked the basketball court (and sometimes the bench) in high school. I miss her motivational speeches tailored just to me and my emotional rollercoaster ride that was high school sports. Then, she motivated me through a summer of door-to-door sales by sending lengthy emails. Now, she’s got an adorable little family, house, life, etc. It’s fabulous.

View from the Bushes – Every time I read the title of his blog, I think of a peeping tom. However, Ross is not… as far as I know. He’s the former coworker who I initially judged by appearance (longer hair, scraggily beard) and then got over that and realized he was an English major turned geek with the sharpest wit in the department. He moved on to bigger, better things than our web dude at work and now I have to stalk him via his blog. And we have Facebook. Too bad I only got one date with his brother-he would have been a catch.

My sister blogs. Oh wait, no, no she doesn’t, otherwise I would have included it in the family section above. But once, her roommate tried to set up a blog for the two of them: Merphanie. That lasted long. The other roommate, Kasi keeps up the blogging on her own site: Kismet of Kas. Also, I follow Martha’s blog, MOSTLY MARTHA. I’m pretty sure we’re both Mrs.-Lake-trained writers.

I know-this list is getting very long. I skipped over some people because they haven’t blog very recently. (Or because I don’t want them to know that I read their blogs regularly, mwahaha.) The rest of the blogs that I follow are written by people that I do not know… AT ALL.

Here’s a quick list of SOME of those: almost literary, Normal Mormon Husbands, The Art of Over-Thinking, Why Mormon Girls Stay Single, Lifehacker, Mashable!, Seth’s Blog, etc.

Okay, I’m tired of adding hyperlinks so you’ll just have to guess what all the other blogs are that I follow. What blogs do you follow?

*When I started typing this subject line, I was singing in my head, Pink Floyd’s Is There Anybody Out There? There’s not much to sing, though. Basically, while writing the remainder of this awesome blog post, I was repeating over and over in my head, “Hello, hello, hello” fading out.

Pandiculation and Guiding Light – All the Rage on Google Trends

DOC: stretching… yawning…

LRE: Why the pandiculation, doc?

DOC: The wha…?

LRE: Pandiculation.

DOC: Really? You used that word in conversation.

LRE: No.

DOC: And it means?

LRE: Guess.

DOC: To be tired, need to stretch, yawn, and try to stay awake for your REALLY interesting appointment starting right now.

LRE: Aren’t you clever.

DOC: Thank you.

LRE: K, so you got close. It doesn’t have to do with being tired or having EXCESSIVELY interesting appointments.

DOC: Why didn’t you just say yawn?

LRE: I like big words.

DOC: Are you too good for our german-related vocabulary words?

LRE: I prefer latin-related vocabulary.

DOC: Snob.

LRE: There’s just some good words in that mix.

DOC: Like?

LRE: Arachibutyrophobia. Ask Megs about what that one means.

DOC: How?

LRE: Phone her.

DOC: I don’t feel like it.

LRE: Fine then, just look it up if you want. It’s a good one. Don’t ask me why I’ve remembered it for years. It’s come in handy before, though.

DOC: I bet. Oh by the way… did you hear that Guiding Light was canceled? After 72 years, how could CBS do that?

LRE: Guiding Light? You watch soaps?


LRE: Um, I work.

DOC: What do you think I’m doing right now?

LRE: And the only soaps I ever did watch were Spanish: Tres Mujeres, Cosas del Amor and Amigas & Rivales. That’s quality television.

It’s All About Your Roots

What does it say about me that often, the highlights of my life, have to do with spending time with my family? Does that make me a dorky home body? Am I “too cool” for singles school? Are my priorities boring or are they just right?

I vote for just right.

You would too if you were in my family.

This got me to thinking about some of my friends’ families and I realized, a lot of what draws me to friends is their families. (Cool people CLEARLY come from cool families.)

Growing up, I spent tons of time with Krista, Erin and Lacy.
Krista had a sister that taught clogging (in their garage where Krista and I had created a BYU club in the back corner*) and then her brother, Griff, lived with us for a while. He also helped me to bring a huge cooler-full of water balloons to a friends’ luau and fall over laughing behind the bush where we were launching them over the roof.
Erin’s dad, we called the Rabbi, because he was always wearing a fedora. As an adult, I’ve played soccer with Erin and two of her brothers-in-law. Clearly, her sisters have good taste to marry these men.
Lacy’s family practically deserves its own blog entry from the “thumb exercises” we did and wouldn’t let her little brother play with us, to the story of the dog bite, climbing cherry trees, the truck with the brick under the brake pedal, chickens in Idaho, and the rekindled friendship with Clancy.

By my senior year of high school, I realized that just down the street lived a new favorite person. I still can’t believe that I went to school with Lindsey since kindergarten and we didn’t become friends until 12th grade. Oh the memories we could have had. We tried to make up for it, though, by packing our senior year full of adventures, from scaring her mom by using the hide-a-key to come in the back door late at night, to backing up alleys during car chases after her little brother showed us the escape route, a car accident that led to a court appearance, and our sadie hawkins video. Priceless. Oh yeah, and her mom is my friend on facebook, her brother, Ben, played the roll of pretend boyfriend in my singles ward to stop the advances of a “special” boy in the ward, and her littlest brother, G, is a friend of my brother.
Other gems my senior year included all of the “unspeakables” including the small percentage of Smiths I have met. There’s just so many, Karen, but so far, I love ’em all.

When I went to BYU, my Ute family was disappointed. I therefore adopted a new family in the Becksteads and was excessively blessed. Who knew Idaho could raise such an amazing family? Wow. Friends for-ev-ah.

These days, I don’t meet my friends’ families as much since we no longer live with our parents and often live in a different state or even countries. Luckily, I have met some and the story is the same: cool people come from cool families. Monica’s amazing family came to my house to host her moving-to-California party and from eating bratwurst to playing muff, it was a practically perfect night**. I haven’t met all of Meghan‘s family, but her parents are amazing, especially her mom’s crepes, and her Grandma adopted me for a while when she lived in Salt Lake. Lucky me!

The list could go on and on, but then the only people who would keep reading are those that are looking for a mention of themselves. Sorry… you just didn’t make the cut THIS TIME.

As for me, though, I’m probably the coolest person in Utah because of the family that I come from. Seriously, internet, if you were with me, Abe (5yrs) and Jane (3yrs) while we were doing Paula Abdul’s Cardio Dance DVD, you would ABSOLUTELY agree.

*In order to gain entry into our club, you had to name at least TWO former BYU athletes who were currently playing professionally. Isn’t that how YOU would define your admittance into a club created in fourth grade?

**It wasn’t allowed to actually be perfect because of the meaning of the party: Moni was moving away. Sigh.

Laconic Answers

It’s time for everyone’s favorite weekly installment of Larrie’s imaginary therapy session with her very smart, very imaginary doctor. Game on.

DOC: Welcome, welcome.

LRE: Thank you, thank you.

DOC: Glad you could make it this week.

LRE: Ah, gee, thanks, doc. But really, I make it every week… for the sake of my loyal blog readers.

DOC: How many loyal readers do you have?

LRE: A handful.

DOC: Really?

LRE: Yeah; just cuz they don’t really comment doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

DOC: Okay; go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

LRE: I will; thank you very much.

DOC: So should we get to my list of questions that we never got to last week?

LRE: You have a list of questions?

DOC: Well, sort of. And I didn’t actually have them from last week, but thanks to Shanny, I have them now.

LRE: Oh, so you really didn’t put any time into it, but just swiped a list of questions from my buddy ol’ pal’s blog?

DOC: So?

LRE: Just so long as we know where you got them from.

DOC: Well, she said that any of the blogs linked to from her blog could do it and I was rather surprised that your blog was linked.

LRE: Why would you be surprised?

DOC: Because who would link to a blog like this?

LRE: The better question would be: WHO WOULDN’T?

DOC: Oh… right.

LRE: So do you want to discuss your borrowed list?

DOC: Yes, let’s.

LRE: Okay, I’m ready. Bring it.

DOC: All righty, dighty… the rule is that you have to give one word answers only.

LRE: Wow, seriously? You expect me to be laconic?

DOC: Exactly.

LRE: Do you realize who you’re talking to?

DOC: It’s all in your head, babe… it’ll be a good exercise for ya.

LRE: Right, sure. I’ll give it my bestest.

DOC: Ready? Okay… Where is your cell phone?

LRE: Desk.

DOC: This will be hard for you, what with the lack of including a verb with your subject on that one, eh?

LRE: Next?

DOC: Right, right… where is your significant other?

LRE: Gambling.

DOC: What?

LRE: Next?

DOC: Your hair color?

LRE: Rainbow.

DOC: You’re not supposed to lie.

LRE: Next?

DOC: Your mother?

LRE: Tidy.

DOC: Your father?

LRE: Punny.

DOC: I think you’re supposed to choose real words here, missy.

LRE: Next?

DOC: You’re doing well at being so laconic… Your favorite thing?

LRE: Soccer.

DOC: Your dream last night?

LRE: Fuzzy.

DOC: Wow, that’s unusual for you… right, next… Your dream/goal?

LRE: Retirement.

DOC: Ha… The room you’re in?

LRE: Cubicle.

DOC: Your hobby?

LRE: Blogging.

DOC: Your fear?

LRE: Debt.

DOC: Where do you want to be in 6 years?

LRE: Yard.

DOC: What you’re not?

LRE: Morningperson.

DOC: Hey, just because you say two words REAL FAST doesn’t make them one word.

LRE: Next?

DOC: One of your wish-list items?

LRE: London.

DOC: Where were you last night?

LRE: Soccer.

DOC: Where you grew up?

LRE: Utah.

DOC: The last thing you did?

LRE: Email.

DOC: What are you wearing?

LRE: Underwear.

DOC: Your TV?

LRE: Beautiful.

DOC: Your pet?

LRE: Beautiful.

DOC: Your computer?

LRE: Multiple.

DOC: Your mood?

LRE: Hungry.

DOC: Missing someone?

LRE: Megs.

DOC: Your car?

LRE: Tank.

DOC: Something you’re not wearing?

LRE: Earrings.

DOC: Favorite store?

LRE: Albertson’s.

DOC: Your summer?

LRE: Short.

DOC: Love someone?

LRE: Family.

DOC: Your favorite color?

LRE: Blue.

DOC: When is the last time you laughed?

LRE: Today.

DOC: Last time you cried?

LRE: Yesterday.

DOC: Really? You? Why?

LRE: Next?

DOC: That’s it; I’m done. Why’d you cry?

LRE: I’m really hungry… time for lunch.

SLC Auto Show – Back in the Day

I HEART having a girlfriend who would go to car shows with me. The only downside is that now, Megs is on the other side of the world and it’s a wee bit difficult to meet up.

And as a random side comment, I MAY have made a deal with some hot man that if he would “accept” my cats, I would ride with him in his bike… I MAY have… don’t tell Dad.

A Little Something About A Survey

I know that there are many of you who have chosen not to take my blog’s cool survey. It’s your loss, seriously, because let’s be honest, I’m hilarious and therefore my survey is also hilarious. There is a theorem that proves this relationship to be true.

On the other hand, there are also those of you who HAVE taken the survey and therefore had a good laugh. I enjoyed reading your responses (in part because it made me laugh each time as well). Do you see the point here, internet? Living the good life means a lot of laughter. This is why Megs needs to come back from HK already.

So this is my response to the survey. Basically, let me tell you what people are thinking. First, WHY do ya’ll read my blog?

  1. For the laughter-induced ab workout,
  2. to online stalk me,
  3. and some want to be a part of either my every waking or my every sleeping moment.

I can’t blame you for any of those things. I’d stalk me, too.

Next, people voted on the types of blog entries they liked and the winner is:

  • those that refer to my insanity and need for therapy.

Tying at close second place:

  • those that mention you (everybody is narcissistic and I like it),
  • those that include lots of pictures.

There were other questions and answers, too. I choose to report only these ones to you.

So here’s my reward to those that took my survey. I’m going to write about THEM in the next two weeks. That means that you on the internet who choose not to participate in such entertaining surveys will miss out on getting any mention here on this sciolist blog. Also, it means that you will probably be reading very closely to try and guess who did take my survey. Enjoy.

P.S. It’s not like the survey is now retired. You’re still more than welcome to take it and get a good laugh in the process. Link in the top right corner.

A Little Narcissicm is Good For You

The “good” DOC is not in today. Even though I have to work, he seems to think he can take a holiday for Pioneer Day. Fine; be that way. I will then take the time to talk about ME. Like I never do this on my blog, right? But guess why I know you’ll want to read through this whole list? Because you are FASCINATED with me. I know by some of your survey answers. Yes, this is the same survey that I told you to take before because you will, SERIOUSLY, get a kick out of it. (Link to the left if you haven’t noticed.) On to ME…

100 Things about ME.