All this time, you thought I only posted UNIQUE content on this blog. Well listen, internet. Sometimes, I like to take the easy route and copy a little here and there. (Like my list of 100, which was inspired by Stephanie Klein’s blog. I’m sorry to surprise you like this and destroy your perfectly painted picture of Larrie’s originality. Today, I am simply stealing from Shanny’s blog. This is my first “tag,” but it’s one that asks for comments and we all know that any true narcissist just wants to be reminded that she matters in the lives of so many online stalkers.

Here’s the tag:

1. Add a comment right here, right now, on my blog about ONE MEMORY that you and I had together. (I know, it might be SO difficult to keep it to just one, but I believe in you; you can do it.) It doesn’t matter if you’ve known me since the days I resided on 1700 East, or if you only know me through my incredibly hilarious online persona—just run with it.

2. Next, re-post this tag on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Here’s the reward: if you leave a comment, I’ll assume you’re playing this little tag game, too, and visit your blog to leave a memory. If you don’t have a blog or don’t post it up, I’ll leave my response to you in my own comments here.

Ready? Set; go!