Planning My Christmas Wedding

I wrote this blog entry several weeks back, but I was waiting until things were official to post it. Now they’re official. It’s been posted. Enjoy reading.

I read on a friend’s blog a short entry about life. “It’s not easy doing a life,” she said. I’ve felt that way at times, but right now, I can’t remember that.

Life is too good.

The only problem I can think of is that right now, I have too much. I don’t deserve it all and would share it if I could.

It’s like I’m in Alaska during the summertime when the sun just stays up forever. It doesn’t help me get enough sleep, but I don’t care because it makes me so damn happy. Damn happy is the best!

I’ve been looking back lately to examine all the different forks in the roads I’ve wandered up to, thinking about why I went right or left, and being grateful that each of my turns led me to the place I’m in now. Do you ever do that?

Several years ago, I was frustrated that I just couldn’t get back to BYU and try and finish up a bachelor’s degree already, but instead, I worked for a semester with United Way and made some amazing friendships that led me to the job I have today.

If I didn’t have my job today, I honestly don’t know that I’d be in Utah.

More than anything, when I finished at BYU, I wanted to move away for a while. I wanted to experience living in a big city for a time: San Francisco, New York, Chicago, etc.

But if I hadn’t stayed around, I wouldn’t have still been here for my little brother to tell me, one afternoon standing on my porch with his wife and little baby boy, about this great guy in his ward that he wanted to set me up with. And then I forgot all about that great guy. Until my brother texted me months later that he’d given some guy named Nate my number and that he told him to call me.

On the flip side, Nathan didn’t want to go out on a blind date. But Thane told him two things: one, that he wouldn’t actually see him again as he was moving out of his ward so if it didn’t work out, they wouldn’t feel awkward; and two, that he’d told me that he would call.

So he called. And he left a message.

And I listened to it late one night and thought, better call this guy back.

And then it took me five days to return his call.

And thankfully, he hadn’t found somebody else in those five days. We went out three days later—best blind date ever (who even has good blind dates?). And the rest is history.

Best history ever.