The death of LOL – because data can’t lie

I have never been a fan of LOL and I simply don’t use it. I stick to haha. And if I find it really funny, I go all out with hahahahahahahahaha.

I even blogged several times in the past about my distaste of LOL:

Well, did you hear the news today? I mean, this is the late, breaking stuff, people! Facebook researched it and has announced, with pretty pictures of data, that LOL is past its prime. Woot!

So, if you’re still using it, you better get with the times, my friend.

Here’s the simple pie chart:


The vast majority of us, according to the all-knowing web presence that Facebook is, are haha-ers. Next up are those that love the emoji. I don’t use this much because I have Google keyboard on my android and it either doesn’t support emoji or I haven’t enabled that somewhere. The semi-colon/parenthesis makes do when I need. 🙂

They posted more data charts on the site, but I’ll just share one more of them. I like it because it shows that Utah stands out as having ditched the LOL entirely (or enough to be near 0%). Good job, state o’ mine.

It’s good to laugh and with that in mind, let’s just finish this little post off with a joke:

A guy gets on a bus with a pocket full of golf balls, sits next to a blonde and she stares at his pants. After several minutes of her staring, he looks over at her to explain.

“Golf balls,” he says.

“What? She asks.

“It’s golf balls,” he repeats.

“Oh,” she says. “Does it hurt as much as tennis elbow?”

Dear November, Oh How I Love Thee

I am quite certain I’ve never had a better week in my life than I did last week—from winning soccer games, to good things happening at work, to a hot date, to lots of delicious food with family, to not getting enough sleep, to seeing some good friends from high school, to being DONE with loads of laundry. Makes it easy to be thankful, which was rather appropriate for the holiday.

Over on my good friend, Katie’s blog, she made a nice little list of some of her recent thoughts. I like lists. I like to read them. I like to write them. So here you have a list from me filled with random thoughts and things that made me smile this weekend:

  1. I’m counting down the DAYS until you can call me Master Larrie. I will be finished with school for good. I’m very certain I don’t care for a Ph.D. That sounds exhausting to me.
  2. Remember how I REFUSE to use the painfully overused and abused acronym, LOL? So today I typed it in an IM conversation with a coworker. She responded with, “WHAT?!” I would never really, intentionally use it, so obviously, it was a facetious use. I told her, “it’s like a mormon swearing.” And THAT, my internet friends, is how dorky humor is in the IT department.
  3. Took my niece to New Moon this weekend. Just so you know, I’m not on Team Edward or Team Jacob. Since those men/boys don’t exist. But my niece liked Jacob much more than the skinny, moody, pale vampire.
  4. My leg muscles are killing me from a gym workout. If there was a fire in the building at work, I’d probably die because I wouldn’t be able to physically walk down the six flights of stairs to safety. Oh wait, YES I COULD BECAUSE WE HAVE THESE!
  5. I really like brushing my teeth at work. I also really like visits to the dentist and if I could convince my insurance to pay for it, I’d go once a month.
  6. Number six is one of my favorite numbers. When I was little, I really liked 2, 4, and 6, but eventually swapped 6 out for 8 because they’re part of an infinite series based on the power of two. I used to skip stairs so I only stepped on 2, 4, or 8 stairs in the flight. I’m not OCD.
  7. Last night, after dinner at my parents, we went around the circle and shared something new that we had learned in the last year. I love my Grumma’s comment. She was happy that my younger brother, James, taught her how to text.
  8. My little niece Kate doesn’t usually give out lots of hugs like her older siblings do. But last night as I was saying goodbye to the kids, she put her arms up to me so I picked her up, she put her head on my shoulder and squeezed me, then she gave me a wet kiss. The best.
  9. This is Max Hall’s last season. Hooray. Although that means that next year, Kirk and I can’t text our complaints about him. (And yes, I am a cougar fan, but that doesn’t mean I’m a fan of Hall.)
  10. Does anybody know what the definition of crazy cat lady is? Just for debate needs, I could use a good reference.
  11. My sisters-in-law wrote me some letters on Thanksgiving. They like me. How cool is that? I have fabulous in-laws. You’re jealous.
  12. I like bubble baths.
  13. This will be my first winter with 4WD. Nice.
  14. I’d happily trade sleep for the company I had Friday night anytime.
  15. Saturday was excessively busy, but it felt great to start the day off seeing Sabrina, Shannon and their little families. Plus, we won our soccer game against the girl who scores the most in the league. We won by a lot, too. Go my team.
  16. I taught the Relief Society lesson. That means I don’t have to do it again for another four months.
  17. Did you even make it to the end of this list? You deserve a prize then.

Laughing, Despite the LOL

“You’re freakin’ hilarious. LOL! You are like a breath mint in a room full of halitosis.” ~Clancy

First, I must admit that I am not a fan of LOL and I can’t quite explain it, but Jarv and I agree and therefore forward each other the worst examples of the “offense” when our coworkers email it. Despite that, I love this comment that Clancy posted on my blog. It reminds me why I blog: to provide some laughter. And it should remind you that I read comments; PLUS, I respond to comments. So you should comment more. Any comments?