link fest

the blogs I read


Two weeks ago, sitting in a writer’s conference, Ann Cannon talked about blogs, asking people to share which ones they read. I didn’t raise my hand. My list is very long and they weren’t the same kinds of blogs that all of the other conference attenders were sharing. As I sat there, pondering over the quirkiness of “my” blogs, I tallied up in my head that I read or scan over 100-200 blog posts a day.

Blame work.

Most of those, I scan the headline and the first line or two and move on. These are a few of my “scanning blogs”:

  1. lifehacker
  2. mashable
  3. seth’s blog
  4. failblog
  5. the consumerist
  6. agile zone
  7. leadingagile
  8. design mom
  9. the oatmeal

Blogs that matter more are in separate sections in my Feedly and I read through those because the bloggers are friends and family. Some of those:

  1. internal conversations & ramblings of aimee heffernan
  2. life of laina
  3. the cudger chronicles
  4. the writer’s corner (and also what I ate today)
  5. the chattering crow
  6. to our survival
  7. words and a window seat
  8. my so-called life
  9. life according to me…
  10. bethletard
  11. marcus lane
  12. shanny’s life
  13. sometimes I write sentences

I wonder what other good blogs are out there I have never read. What am I missing out on?