It’s All About Your Roots

What does it say about me that often, the highlights of my life, have to do with spending time with my family? Does that make me a dorky home body? Am I “too cool” for singles school? Are my priorities boring or are they just right?

I vote for just right.

You would too if you were in my family.

This got me to thinking about some of my friends’ families and I realized, a lot of what draws me to friends is their families. (Cool people CLEARLY come from cool families.)

Growing up, I spent tons of time with Krista, Erin and Lacy.
Krista had a sister that taught clogging (in their garage where Krista and I had created a BYU club in the back corner*) and then her brother, Griff, lived with us for a while. He also helped me to bring a huge cooler-full of water balloons to a friends’ luau and fall over laughing behind the bush where we were launching them over the roof.
Erin’s dad, we called the Rabbi, because he was always wearing a fedora. As an adult, I’ve played soccer with Erin and two of her brothers-in-law. Clearly, her sisters have good taste to marry these men.
Lacy’s family practically deserves its own blog entry from the “thumb exercises” we did and wouldn’t let her little brother play with us, to the story of the dog bite, climbing cherry trees, the truck with the brick under the brake pedal, chickens in Idaho, and the rekindled friendship with Clancy.

By my senior year of high school, I realized that just down the street lived a new favorite person. I still can’t believe that I went to school with Lindsey since kindergarten and we didn’t become friends until 12th grade. Oh the memories we could have had. We tried to make up for it, though, by packing our senior year full of adventures, from scaring her mom by using the hide-a-key to come in the back door late at night, to backing up alleys during car chases after her little brother showed us the escape route, a car accident that led to a court appearance, and our sadie hawkins video. Priceless. Oh yeah, and her mom is my friend on facebook, her brother, Ben, played the roll of pretend boyfriend in my singles ward to stop the advances of a “special” boy in the ward, and her littlest brother, G, is a friend of my brother.
Other gems my senior year included all of the “unspeakables” including the small percentage of Smiths I have met. There’s just so many, Karen, but so far, I love ’em all.

When I went to BYU, my Ute family was disappointed. I therefore adopted a new family in the Becksteads and was excessively blessed. Who knew Idaho could raise such an amazing family? Wow. Friends for-ev-ah.

These days, I don’t meet my friends’ families as much since we no longer live with our parents and often live in a different state or even countries. Luckily, I have met some and the story is the same: cool people come from cool families. Monica’s amazing family came to my house to host her moving-to-California party and from eating bratwurst to playing muff, it was a practically perfect night**. I haven’t met all of Meghan‘s family, but her parents are amazing, especially her mom’s crepes, and her Grandma adopted me for a while when she lived in Salt Lake. Lucky me!

The list could go on and on, but then the only people who would keep reading are those that are looking for a mention of themselves. Sorry… you just didn’t make the cut THIS TIME.

As for me, though, I’m probably the coolest person in Utah because of the family that I come from. Seriously, internet, if you were with me, Abe (5yrs) and Jane (3yrs) while we were doing Paula Abdul’s Cardio Dance DVD, you would ABSOLUTELY agree.

*In order to gain entry into our club, you had to name at least TWO former BYU athletes who were currently playing professionally. Isn’t that how YOU would define your admittance into a club created in fourth grade?

**It wasn’t allowed to actually be perfect because of the meaning of the party: Moni was moving away. Sigh.

Requesting Handstand Lessons

Turns out, I’m extremely poor at doing handstands when not in a swimming pool. Does this surprise anybody who knows me and my amazing flexibility / gymnastics skills?

I tried, though. I REALLY DID.

There were several handstand contests over the weekend. I lost them all.

But the fact that I TRIED shows that I was comfortable enough to make a TOTAL fool of myself with my new friends.

I didn’t know that I was getting new friends this weekend. It was a good surprise and all part of the new ward… which Lindsey named, “Larrie’s Last Singles Ward.” (I miss actually SEEING my optimistic friend instead of just reading her blog—Daybreak is SO far away.)

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of my weekend because it was rather packed and, really, do you want to know everything? Even the chores?

Doubt it.

So instead, let me just share with you a few of the lessons that I learned, thanks to the myriad of activities I was involved in and my new friends:

  • Handstands hurt with a cut on your right palm
  • DWil (new friend, male) speaks Spanish that I can understand (meaning he slows it down for me)
  • There are still women out there that think you’re funny, not competition (Chels and Amander)
  • Hanging from a zip line for 5 minutes due to technical difficulties makes for painful hip flexors
  • If you’re waiting in line for 30 minutes to ride said zip line, you might as well take pictures of you jumping (check FB where new friend, male Jeff posted them)
  • Playing with nunchuks after surviving the dreaded grove is like the cherry on top
  • The end of daylight savings means Saturday night goes on and on—why go home and go to bed?
  • We should have more holidays than just Halloween when you can dress up
  • Nieces and nephews deserve more holidays for dressing up
  • Apparently, I wear larger clothing than almost every other girl on my soccer team
  • Strange and rather creepy people eat at Village Inn late on Halloween
  • Swamp rides=kickbuttitudinousness
  • And last, new friends are fabulously sarcasmagoric.

Political link of the day: “Why the Mortgage Crisis Happened

Episode 22: I Truly Heart the Company Gym

It’s truly scrumptious… (random side note after my random beginning: Linds, do you remember dancing to this song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a roadshow? Doesn’t your mom have the video stashed somewhere we could watch?)

Okay, on to my blog for the day.

We have an onsite gym here at work and while it has minimal equipment (like no bench to do an incline or decline chest press and no smith machine), it’s still a great gym for a company. Because of the minimal equipment, I choose to go to 24 hour fitness for my lifting (and because of my superbly LOW LOW membership fees – I rock!). But, turns out, I use the company gym AT LEAST four times a week. Because lists are fun, here’s a list of the reasons why:

  1. Abs / Core class – ever since I royally injured my back, I’ve been commanded from on high to strengthen my abs and core to avoid constant pain; thankfully, I can go to a 15-min class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday because we all know how lazy I can be about working out on my own.
  2. Yoga for the Back – again, it’s all related to my bestest buddy, mi espalda; my company is paying for an eight-week session of yoga classes that I attend instead of eating lunch on Fridays. Oh wait—who am I kidding? I would FAINT if I missed lunch. I eat at my desk on Fridays.
  3. Capoeira – they don’t have this class anymore because the instructor (is there are capoeira-specific title for him?) is apparently too busy, but for a time, I attempt to go against the forces of nature and try to force my body to move gracefully like these martial artists do. (If you don’t know what this is, look it up on YouTube. I can’t look it up and give you a link because they BLOCK those evil streaming media sites at work.)
  4. Health Fairs – anything that provides free goodies and drawings for prizes is something I will go to. I haven’t won anything for over a year, though (last prize was an iPod), so I’m thinking my turn is coming up again, soon… law of averages.
  5. TV – I have been known to take a break to go climb on a treadmill in order to watch TV. There was probably a really good soccer game on.
  6. Stretching – sitting in an office chair all day long is not a favorite activity for mi espalda. Sometimes, I go to the stretch classes; sometimes, I grab Stacky and the two of us go stretch out using foam rollers—is a nice break.
  7. Laughing Yoga – has ANYBODY ever heard of this before? Turns out, one of the PAs in our clinic here is CERTIFIED in this so she’s teaching a class once a week. Sadly, I missed it this week, but next week, I will totally go and take a break to laugh.
  8. Conditioning Exercises – this is a new addition I hope to include in my workouts: conditioning between lifting. One of the instructors in the wellness center emailed me this list with tons of exhausting drills. So if you see me at the gym doing the shoulder press, I will then start doing Burpees in between sets. Gotta get in shape for swimsuit season…

The Quirks of LRE

Hooray it’s Thursday, which means you’re getting ever closer to the fabulous weekend, but it also means it’s time for everyone’s favorite weekly blog: Therapy Thursdays. The stage is set with a nice chaise lounge chair under a big window with a brilliantly yellow and orange sweetgum tree just outside. Sounds idyllic? In walks the DOC with, for some strange reason, a large (and rather old school) head mirror atop his forehead. LRE (that’s ME! Larrie) follows him in, kicks off her sandals and stretches out on the chaise with her hands behind her head. Our scene begins…

DOC: Well, you look comfortable.

LRE: Yeah, it’s nice to stretch out. Hey… why do you have that big circle thing on your head?

DOC: Don’t worry about it. (DOC removes his odd headgear.)

LRE: Okay, now I can talk to you normal.

DOC: You’re normal?

LRE: Ha, sure; let’s pretend.

DOC: Right, cuz I read on your friend, Lindsey’s blog that you’re “always quirky! HA!”

LRE: And be grateful for that, too, because I offer a good laugh by my quirkiness.

DOC: So how would you define your quirkiness?

LRE: In six ways.

DOC: Really? So you’ve thought about this already?

LRE: Not exactly; but according to the tag, that’s what I’m supposed to do – come up with six personal quirks.

DOC: Well, that should be easy.

LRE: Not really; they’re all pretty much already on my lists of 100 I’ve made previously.

DOC: Okay then, missy… be creative and come up with something new.

LRE: Right-o…here we go with numero uno.

DOC: Oh there you go… you throw in random Spanish phrases.

LRE: Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one, thanks DOC. It’s true, too. I don’t really SPEAK Spanish, but I certainly attempted to learn it enough to get some decent grades in my Spanish classes at the mighty BYU. And now, I throw in random phrases every now and then. I say ‘bueno’ a lot, along with ‘se me fue’ and sometimes add ‘la onda’ to the phrase. I also use ‘pobrecito’ when people complain about aches and pains to me and they may use it back at me. There are certainly others, but that’s a good list.

DOC: That’s good. Quirk number one defined.

LRE: Okay, so on to number two: I’ve had six dislocations so far.

DOC: Really? Wow, try this. (DOC tries to push all his right-hand fingers back with his left hand.)

LRE: That’s what doctors always ask me to do when I say that, but my fingers don’t go anywhere. My chiropractor thinks I have bad tendons and gave me some natural supplements to help.

DOC: Ah, yes, the witch doctor.

LRE: Yes, I like him, thank you very much.

DOC: Okay, so that was quirk number two. Bring on three.

LRE: Um… (staring out the window at the pretty fall foliage)… I own two cats.

DOC: Shoot, girl; that should have been number ONE.

LRE: I know, seriously. BUT, I’ll have you know, that these are EXOCTIC cats bred from the WILD asian leopard cats so I could have my own little leopards that like to play fetch.

DOC: They play fetch?

LRE: Just one; but that’s the cat’s quirk, not mine.

DOC: Okay so that’s number three. Along those same lines, you probably have some quirky behavior because of those two cats… excuse me, those two EXOCTIC cats.

LRE: It’s possible. Last night, I stopped by the store on the way home from soccer to pick up some cream cheese and they had kitty litter on sale. It was TWO BUCKS OFF! So, I, of course stocked up on three 30-lb bags.

DOC: Yeah, that’s a GOOD quirk. And what time were you stocking up on kitty toiletries?

LRE: Around 11:00 p.m. BUT, I’ll have you know, that I probably looked a lot like the crazy cat lady as I carried ALL THREE bags, at the SAME time, in from the car, up the stairs inside my condo and to the back laundry room without dropping them OR hurting my back.

DOC: Ha! Must have been a sight. Thanks for sharing with the internet.

LRE: Sure thing.

DOC: Okay, that was a good number four quirk. Five?

LRE: Right, well, how about the fact that people call me Larrie? I think that’s a bit unusually for such a gorgeous babe such as myself.

DOC: A bit, yes.

LRE: Blame my brothers… and the Christmas Elf that I made up for James back in the day that delivered Christmas treats to a flannel stocking I had made and hung from his dresser. The Elf’s name was Larry. Somehow, Jarv determined that the “feminine” spelling of that would be Larrie and wrote all his letters home from Hungarian to me addressed as such. Freshman year at the BY, my roommates helped me determine that the I. E. stood for innocent energy (which was a secret connection back to a letter I had received from a boy). Wow, yeah; there’s definitely a bit of quirkiness in the “history” of that nickname.

DOC: Nice work; you’ve got five quirks down, one to go. Make it a good one.

LRE: I wake up with a different and very random song in my head every morning.

DOC: How random?

LRE: The other morning, it was the hymn “Did You Think to Pray?” Then this morning, if I remember correctly, it was “Down” by 311.

DOC: Definitely two very different types.

LRE: Yeah, I would almost say, “anything, but country,” but that’s not true.

DOC: What? You mean… you listen to country music now?

LRE: No, no, no, no. Silly DOC. It’s because one of my BYU roommates, Ms. Hi-zatch, used to sing the same song in the mornings… I only really remembered one line: (LRE starts singing be-autifully) “good morning beautiful, how was your night?”

DOC: Oh, right; that’s from “Good Morning Beautiful” by Steve Holy.

LRE: Did you google that?

DOC: Why yes, I did.

LRE: Nice work. While you’re busy googling over there (apparently, the DOC now has a laptop on his lap and is busily typing away), google how to win a FREE HAND BAG, too!