Can’t Leave Home Without It

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Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun. Give it up for the friend who used to keep me in touch with my old roommates. Apparently, it was too difficult for us to actually email/IM/call each other once we lived in different states, but Kaakun would keep us updated on each others’ lives and even plan trips where we’d meet up with him in his locale. So, how are my old roommates doing? I suppose I could look them up on Facebook myself…

When Chocolate Fountains Get Unruly

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this sometimes-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun. It was such a close race with only one contestant and all. But I suppose that nobody else commented after that because they didn’t think they could beat out an entire conversation caption. Or they were confused by the McLuhan remark. Are you trying to tell me that you actually learned something in your BYU years? I wonder if feng shui would not like my media wall filled with all those hot media books and DVDs surrounding the cold media television. Actually, no, I don’t wonder. But, Kaakun, nice work actually reading Count of Monte Cristo. You one up me on that one. I only saw the movie.

Driving is Difficult

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun, again. Yippee. Woop-i-dee-doo on another win. Still working on setting up the webcam so you can “be there” for the ceremony. Just have to go down to the church office building…

Hold Still People

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun. High five for that one. And congrats on another win. Sorry you won’t make it to see my tuba-playing Dad that won’t be allowed to play that at my wedding reception no matter how much Nathan tries to sneak it in. But the goat riding… if there’s snow, that’ll be even more of a blast!

A Perfectly Legit Way to Eat Oreos

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Kaakun—way to go, my BYU buddy. Shout out for him: we met back in the day in one of my BYU wards when I lived in a cheap apartment where the walls would sweat. Yum. Kaakun came to my ice skating final to film mine and my roommates’ performances on the ice. It was practically award-winning filming, and award-winning skating. And then my roommate’s boyfriend, Kyle, recorded over it. She did not marry Kyle. Phew.

Look Ma! My Mohawk’s Glowing

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: This one sort of needs an explanation because in a way, there are three winners. I know, I’m like that stupid parent that says, “Everybody wins!” to the little kids playing soccer even though all the kids know that one of the teams scored way more goals than the other, but they’re trying to “be fair.” I have my reasons.

Okay, first winner: totally Kaakun. Basically, I was laughing at the image of Bond standing around confused about where he parked. I mean, come on… how many Aston Martins are there that you can’t find yours? Ha, talking about stalling the action movie for that plot impediment.

That leads me to another winner because I’m pretty sure that Kaakun couldn’t have come up with his idea if Janet hadn’t started the Bond reference. Good work, Janet.

And last, I laughed even more at Emily’s comment because she misspelled cars. Hahahahahaha!

Here are my blog nods about them.

Kaakun: thank you for still being my friend after I was so stupid as to spell your name wrong forever ago on the outside of your apartment window. It would have been so sad to ruin that friendship before your incredible movie making skills for my ice skating final.

Janet: I saw a “saabaru” in the parking lot today and totally thought of you even though I know Mike now has his used-to-be-dorky-now-is-cool Element. Back in the good ol’ days, I could always talk cars with you and you always knew more than me. Delightful.

Emily: I will always bow to your incredible piano skills. Always. If I could only have a fraction of the talent you have in your pinky, I would truly be blessed. And that pinky can also make some absolutely DELICIOUS meals!

The end.

Optimal Photo Shoot Location: Near San Diego Freeway

Enter the caption contest now! It’s so exciting isn’t it? If you need the rules for this supposed-to-be-weekly contest, click here: Caption Contest Rules Shmules.

Last Contest’s Winner: Mom! Because she used triumvirate AND three-pronged-approach. Nifty. Mom sends some of the quirkiest text messages to me. They crack me up. Sometimes, I send them to my sister so she will laugh, too. It’s the best. (P.S. Kaakun, don’t quit posting captions, mmkay?)

A Dreadful Therapy Appointment

(Thanks for the great idea, Kaakun.) Bring on the DOC for the FINAL Therapy Thursday! He has NO clue what is about to happen and really, neither do I, which is probably more a testimony to my need for REAL therapy than just a funny thing to say. Let us begin.

DOC: It’s about time you came back here. We probably have mountainous issues to work though.

LRE: Or we don’t.

DOC: Sure we do. It’s been so long I can’t believe you even walked in here on two feet.

LRE: How would you have expected me to come in? Crawling?

DOC: Maybe.

LRE: Sorry to disappoint.

DOC: I’ll get over it.

LRE: Well that’s good you’ll get over THAT.

DOC: Why the emphasis on the last word there?

LRE: I have something else to disappoint you with.

DOC: I bet you do. You have Therapy Tuesdays now, too. Is that it?

LRE: No. Once a week was MORE than enough.

DOC: Why the emphasis on MORE?

LRE: I’m in an emphatic mood today.

DOC: I don’t like your emphatic mood.

LRE: You probably shouldn’t.

DOC: Why? What does it mean?

LRE: Who is John Galt?


LRE: Whoa there, Doc. Don’t start yelling YET.








LRE: (deep breath) Calm down, DOC.

DOC: (trembling) I can’t. Something’s about to happen and I can just FEEL it. It’s going to be dreadful.

LRE: Let me just get some paper that I brought with me out of my pocket then.

DOC: Gulp.

LRE: Did you just SAY gulp?

DOC: Yes. It’s much more dramatic than just gulping.

LRE: Whatever. Here’s what I brought.

DOC: Oh dear. That looks dreadful.

LRE: You don’t even know what it is yet.

DOC: I have an unmanageable fear of folded up pieces of paper.

LRE: Must have been rough when you would make paper airplanes then, huh?

DOC: I NEVER made them.

LRE: Okay. Back to this dreadful paper of mine. It’s the results of my survey so far.

DOC: Survey?

LRE: Here, read the top.

DOC: “Which of the below would you like to see replace Therapy Thursdays?” REPLACE? ME?! G. U. L. P.

LRE: So now you’re spelling gulp?


LRE: But look how pretty I made the charts.

DOC: Well, that’s true. They are nice.

LRE: So next week, I’m going to have a replacement based on people’s choices.

DOC: Well, I guess the best I can do now is just add my input. Can I take the survey, too?

LRE: That’s it? You’re not going to throw a fit, toss me out the window or run screaming from the building?

DOC: No. There will be no tantrums, defenestrating, or… wait, we’re in a building?

LRE: Where did you imagine we were?

DOC: In a cabin up in the mountains with birds chirping outside.

LRE: Okay. Go to your cabin. And yes, you can take the survey… until next week. Here it is: Finding a Therapy Thursdays Replacement.



Pool Shark

Enter the CAPTION CONTEST now!

The Sciolist Cell Phone Pic of the Weeknot-™ is published each week with the intent to entice readers to comment. This is accomplished with a CONTEST! The winner will receive a blog nod in the following week’s post-what a TREMENDOUS prize. Entering is easy. Just click on Comment below, fill in the identification information requested and enter your caption for the above picture as your comment. You have until Larrie posts the following Wednesday’s pic to enter.

Ready… GO!*

Last Week’s Winner: Give it up for KAAKUN! I chuckled when I thought of my mom knowing how to twitter. Right now, I’m just proud of her for texting, using Facebook and visiting my blog. And to fill in your blank, Kaakun, Hobbes is her 10th grandkid, but it’s the FIRST that shares a name with an imaginary, stuffed tiger.

*And by GO!, I mean COMMENT!

Day 4: Is there anybody out there… like me?*

Today’s “Build a Better Blog” task required me to analyze a top blog in my niche.

My niche?

Is there any other blog in the world in my niche?

I was stumped.

So instead, I started scanning through my friends’ blogs. I heart my friends. I heart their blogs. These are some of them (in random order):

Mama’s Boys – Linds and I became friends our senior year of high school, but we went to school together since kindergarten. It’s sad that we missed out on all of those years of friendship we could have had, but we made up for it, possibly all in one weekend that involved squirt guns, walkie-talkies, cell phones, undercover gang patrol cops, and an accident.

Phabulous Phippens – Mine and Karen’s friendship came and went because she came and went moving to and from Utah and always back to the same school from elementary through high school. This included a short stint in a musical, getting in trouble with the typing teacher, and attempting to sing in choir first thing in the morning. When I have kids, I’ll expect to call her frequently for advice.

Shanny’s Life – Shannon and I also went to school together since kindergarten and became almost friends in high school, but REALLY became friends as roommates our freshman year in college. That happened because I leaned over in Calculus, senior year, and said, “Hey, I need a roommate and you’re going to BYU. What’s your social security number?” (I also follow her husband, Clark’s blog, Bethletard. It’s a good one.)

The M’s – Sabrina shares her blog with her husband-how cute are they? And again, she’s a friend who I went to school with since kindergarten, but didn’t really become buds until senior year. Are we noticing a theme yet? However, we do have some moments of connection prior to that, including hiding in a garage with baby quail (sometime in 3rd grade, perhaps), and having Calculus study sessions in my basement where we rewarded ourselves with playing some type of wrestling game on the N64 after.

my little adventures… – Meghan, Meghan, bo Beghan experienced the Larrie friendship curve. This is where it takes some time before she realizes my quirks are actually endearing and then decides that we should spend Valentine’s Day eating Thai food with our Korean friend and then bake mountains of chocolate chip cookies while listening to Outkast. Can you believe they allowed such unruly behavior at BYU? Thankfully, the friendship curve doesn’t seem to be a bell curve; no sloping down yet.

Scattered Starlight – English majors UNITE! Somehow, Katie and I never got to know each other during our tenure as English majors at BYU, but we became friends afterwards, thanks to my sister-in-law, her best friend, Genny. Now we get to connect in a myriad of ways, from reading each others’ blogs to twittering back and forth or posting on each others’ Facebook walls. Yep, we’re TIGHT.

v1.2 – “Kaakun” was in a BYU ward. I have no idea how we became friends because there are many, many holes in my memory from that year of school. However, I do remember him and Rachel playing the “state game,” his commentary during mine and my roommates’ ice skating finals, and drawing on his apartment window in the middle of the night. Since then, there have been Vegas weddings, broken beds, and vomiting at Crown Burger. Sweet, sweet memories.

Family blogs: life of laina – I’m so happy my brother married Laina, for many reasons, one of which is that she blogs and it’s consistent, unlike her husband, Thane, who recently started up again on his blog, My Separate from Wife’s Blog. Nobody else in my family really blogs so I adopted my sister-in-law, Tracy’s family: Aimee, internal conversations & ramblings of aimee heffernan; Scott, Vote of Die Blog; and Ryan, The Idealistic Investor.

Tiffanie – I am a fan of our story. We met briefly during the ’99-’00 school year when she visited my roommate from Kansas. Then, I ended up in that same roommate’s wedding party where her best friend from Kansas, Tiff, did not. Seemed odd and so I was hesitant to talk to Tiff because I was the bad guy in this situation. Then, many moons later, she moved to Salt Lake and we ended up in the same singles ward. I went up to her and said, “Are you from Olathe, Kansas?” Who’s heard of Olathe and who can pronounce it right? Me. That’s who. Oh-lay-thah.

Two of my roommates who weren’t actually roommates: Nichole-The Audrey show, and Leslie-The Collyafaces. We lived next door, but both apartments got along so well, we would have knocked down the wall that separated us if we could. Now, I just stalk them via their blogs where they post pics of their adorable little girls.

A Day in the Life of Clancy – I knew Clancy when I was younger, but she was always the big sister. Instead, I spent all of my time running around with her little sister, Lacy-climbing cherry trees, rollerblading down Harrison (from 1300 E to 1100 E), doing art projects and playing Nintendo. However, today, Clancy and I go rollerblading down Harrison. Wait. No, we don’t because she doesn’t even live in Utah. Instead, we just stalk each others’ blogs and hit up the jokes on FB chat. It’s a beautiful relationship.

Norton News – Amy and I rocked the basketball court (and sometimes the bench) in high school. I miss her motivational speeches tailored just to me and my emotional rollercoaster ride that was high school sports. Then, she motivated me through a summer of door-to-door sales by sending lengthy emails. Now, she’s got an adorable little family, house, life, etc. It’s fabulous.

View from the Bushes – Every time I read the title of his blog, I think of a peeping tom. However, Ross is not… as far as I know. He’s the former coworker who I initially judged by appearance (longer hair, scraggily beard) and then got over that and realized he was an English major turned geek with the sharpest wit in the department. He moved on to bigger, better things than our web dude at work and now I have to stalk him via his blog. And we have Facebook. Too bad I only got one date with his brother-he would have been a catch.

My sister blogs. Oh wait, no, no she doesn’t, otherwise I would have included it in the family section above. But once, her roommate tried to set up a blog for the two of them: Merphanie. That lasted long. The other roommate, Kasi keeps up the blogging on her own site: Kismet of Kas. Also, I follow Martha’s blog, MOSTLY MARTHA. I’m pretty sure we’re both Mrs.-Lake-trained writers.

I know-this list is getting very long. I skipped over some people because they haven’t blog very recently. (Or because I don’t want them to know that I read their blogs regularly, mwahaha.) The rest of the blogs that I follow are written by people that I do not know… AT ALL.

Here’s a quick list of SOME of those: almost literary, Normal Mormon Husbands, The Art of Over-Thinking, Why Mormon Girls Stay Single, Lifehacker, Mashable!, Seth’s Blog, etc.

Okay, I’m tired of adding hyperlinks so you’ll just have to guess what all the other blogs are that I follow. What blogs do you follow?

*When I started typing this subject line, I was singing in my head, Pink Floyd’s Is There Anybody Out There? There’s not much to sing, though. Basically, while writing the remainder of this awesome blog post, I was repeating over and over in my head, “Hello, hello, hello” fading out.