just rambling on about some of the good times we had this weekend

What’s On Bin Laden’s Hard Drive?

Sunday night, Nathan and I turned on the TV to watch Celebrity Apprentice. But we were surprised instead to see that there was breaking news and in a few minutes, President Obama would announce the death of Osama bin Laden.

Seems to me like Obama wanted to show Trump who’s boss and make the announcement at the same time as his show. Take that Trump.

Anyway, regardless of political affiliation, it was exciting news and sure took long enough.

Today, I read that they confiscated technology from the compound, too, and were going through all of the information. So what do you think was on bin Laden’s hard drive? Maybe he had some games installed to pass the time like Solitaire or Texas Hold ‘Em. Maybe he liked to spend his time on photoshop, editing images to show pictures of himself traveling the world instead of hiding out. I dunno. He didn’t have internet so he couldn’t waste time on Facebook.

That’s all I have to say on that point.

Most of our weekend was spent enjoying our busy schedules. On Friday night, we had some free food at a ward dinner. Nathan did a good job of getting an awkward table talking about how people met their spouses. The first counselor in our ward went over to his now wife’s apartment to ask her roommate out, but she wasn’t there. So he ended up asking out some other girl and eventually married her.

We were the only blind date at the table.

Saturday, we woke up to snow and all I could think was how excited I was to play soccer in that. Luckily, it warmed up enough to melt the inch that fell and we played in some patchy sun that afternoon. Dad came up with a plan for our corner kicks in that game that worked out, in a very roundabout way. Lindsey’s goal was to stand in front of the goalie so she couldn’t see the kick very well. Maren would take the kick and drop it in around the six yard line. My goal was to come running in and head it into the back of the net. So in the second half, Maren went over to the corner once we’d earned a corner kick and was all ready to execute the plan, but then, just a second after she’d kicked it, the ref blew his whistle and went running in by the goal where Lindsey was sprawled out on the ground.

Apparently, the goalie didn’t like Lindsey so she plowed into her from behind.

This led to a penalty kick in the box. Linds didn’t want to take it so I was picked, stepped up and scored.

So you see? In a roundabout way, it worked. Poor Lindsey, though.

After soccer, and after getting cleaned up of course, we went to Jennie and Jarv’s to help out with Claire’s friend birthday party. Let me tell you, helping little 8 year olds paint pillowcases at the kitchen table is a messy task. Somehow, I avoided getting any paint on my clothes, but no so for the little girls.

Sunday, all of the family got together for some dinner at Mick’s and then went to Claire’s baptism. It was great to hear her play the piano for a musical number while we were waiting in the chapel for our turn to go to the font (there were five children total so we went in groups). And then the best was seeing her so happy during the entire service. Yay Claire!

So we had a fabulous weekend spending time together, getting some exercise (also went together and lifted weights on Friday night), and seeing some of our family.