hummingbird wars are intense

Hummingbird Wars

Last week during our vacation, Nathan and I purchased a cheap, plastic hummingbird feeder from The Store in Midway. Okay, correction: I wanted to buy it and Nathan went along with it. Look people: birds are fascinating to me and I could hear the hummingbirds zipping all through the forest surrounding the cabin so I wanted to see them up close. The feeder was only $10 so clearly, it was very basic.

Once we got back to the cabin, there was a dilemma: how to hang the feeder. I wandered around the cabin looking for a good spot, but there weren’t any hooks just sitting around on the porch waiting for a hummingbird feeder. I went to the garage, climbed around the ATVs and found a big plastic box in the corner. Inside were decorative hooks and several wall plaques with cutesy sayings. These would be things purchased by one of the other families that owns the cabin with my parents. I briefly thought about taking one of the decorative hooks, but it still had its price tag on it. It cost much more than the feeder. I decided to keep looking.

Further back in the garage I found some tiny nails and a length of wire. This will work. I dug a hammer and wire cutters out of a tool box and went upstairs to the porch. Laina was playing with her kids while I climbed up on the banister to hammer some nails into the posts and string some wire between them. (Nathan was downstairs working on a paper and I didn’t tell him what I was up to outside.) We had a good laugh that the pregnant lady was perched on the banister with the hammer and nails. In the end, it worked great and the feeder was waiting for its first patron.

I wondered how long it would take for the birds to find it. Perhaps they wouldn’t even notice it before our vacation was over. I crossed my fingers and hoped all of the hard work and money wouldn’t be in vain. After a few hours, I heard one. For such a tiny bird, their wings sure are loud. The first hummingbird had found the feeder and it wouldn’t be too long before a number of them would show up.

Saturday morning, sitting out on the porch eating breakfast, I noticed four different hummingbirds stopping by for breakfast with us. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures, but my favorite was this short video of Hummingbird Wars!