grey’s anatomy

Episode 23: I know the Law of Averages is True; I Won! Again!

Last week, I told the ENTIRE internet that by the Law of Averages, I was about due to win another prize from one of the myriad company prize drawings at work. I published this statement on my blog around lunch on Friday. And I felt good about it.

So I work in a company of around 2,300 employees. So I suppose you could say that for every prize drawing, my change of winning could be around 1 in 2,300. It’s not like the chances improve with each drawing I don’t win. At least, not according to statistics, right? And what really IS the Law of Averages? Just because it was mentioned on Grey’s Anatomy last week, doesn’t necessarily mean that it applies to my prize winning chances at work. All that means is that it was in my brain because I had heard mention of it on TV the night before.

But haven’t you realized yet, that things mentioned on TV shows the night before always apply to your life the next day?

So if you think some character says a significant line while you’re watching a show, write it down and tomorrow, watch it apply. (That’s a strange sort of fortune you just told the internet there, Larrie. I know… just don’t write down things that politicians say. Okay.)

Back to my story about prize drawings:

So last Friday at exactly 4:30 PM, I’m talking to Bethy the Third in my cube when the email notification pops up: “National Customer Service Week prize drawing.” I then thought, “I wonder who won.” They usually send email to the entire company listing who wins these things.

WELL… this email did NOT go to the entire company. It only went to NINE people. Obviously, I was one of their nine and the email said this:

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON A GIFT BASKET! Please come to the Client service department (Building 3 Flr 2) to collect it. Please find [person], [person], or [person].

See? I told you I was ready to win again.

Bethy the Third, who was sitting in my cube as I read the congratulatory email, scowled at me a bit and reminded me that she has NEVER won.

What a pity shame. But, I think that means she’s due for one of the really big prizes. As for me, my gift basket included a too-large t-shirt, company-branded mugs, candy, and other company-branded goodies like a cheap mouse pad and a squishy key.