Therapy Thursdays: My Bros Rock


Okay kids, here’s a new weekly edition to my awesome blog (we’ll see how many weeks I can consecutively keep this idea going): A little therapy session with Larrie (LRE) and the good doctor (DOC). I did this once in one of my journals the summer after high school and I went off on the poor DOC about being nervous about college and missing D-Dawg (even though I broke up with him)… and yet I still think of my past as the “good ol’ days,” ha!

DOC: Let’s talk about your brothers.

LRE: Yes, let us.

DOC: Okay, how do you feel about your relationships with them?

LRE: I feel a sort of warm fuzzy feeling inside because honestly, how many people have enough brothers to fill all their brother-needs? There’s the big-brother-tease, big-brother-bully, big-brother-goof, little-brother-tough-guy and little-brother-cutie. Don’t tell my brothers that I called ANY of them cutie. They’re all ROBUST, HARDY and MANLY.

DOC: They bully you?

LRE: Don’t sound so worried. It’s normal and if anybody hasn’t dealt with bullying, they’re probably whiners in the real world. And BOO to whiners, ya know?

DOC: Do you see your brothers often?

LRE: After I tell you this, you’ll probably explain that there can always be too much of a good thing, but I could care less to take your advice on this one, doc. Now that all of my bros live here in the city, I basically see them once a week. And then there’s the online stuff, like Facebook, MSN Messenger, blogs, emails, etc. Jarv usually gets the Reply-All emails going that keep us all connected at work. Mick checks in with me in Messenger or the all-new, fancy Facebook chat. And Pete and Jamis text a bunch. Thane’s been busy getting ready for the MCAT so I chase him down every now and then.

DOC: Do you have relationships with them other than the geeky ones?

LRE: Now you’re just not sounding particularly professional there, doc. Course I do. I work out with Pete and James… check out my muscles (DOC is so impressed). I show up at Mick’s at random times to see his kids, bug him about techy-geeky stuff and chat with Tracy about dating and such. I see Jarv when he eats food at my parents’ house and then we dragged my dad along to watch the Jazz game at Mick’s last night. I went over to Thane’s for lunch today. He updated me on his kitty, Mobster who was hit by a car, but is doing much better. See? I have bueno relationships with them. And they all offer me advice on different things: Mick—tech, Jarv—dating, Pete—financial, Thane—soccer/cats, and James—his dating. Okay so Jamis doesn’t really dole out the advice, but I seem to think that I’m big and important and can possibly give him advice about things like getting an F in a math class at mid-terms senior year. (Course, I turned mine into an A, but it’s all about negotiating and if you don’t like your teacher, you don’t really care to spend time in her presence negotiating.)

DOC: So you talk a lot.

LRE: Gee, thanks for your sage advice, mister.

DOC: See you next week.

Sleeping Little One



Oh to sleep the sleep of a newborn. Wait, maybe that is how I sleep–a few hours at a time. (Except for that whole, takes an HOUR to fall asleep part.) And have you ever actually slept with your arms up? I don’t know about you, but I wake up rather numb. Yep, numb (but just my arms/fingers, phew).

The procrastination queen

I am currently trying to complete finals for my Tech Writing graduate classes. This requires designing a brochure for an imaginary store, Hot Tootsies (no, I did not pick the name), and writing a paper on how to design for the web for the other class. Both are due today. Ask me if they’re done.

Ha, clearly, you don’t know me. They’re not done. (If you guessed correctly that they weren’t even close to complete, you deserve a gold star, but I’ll only give you one for your forehead if you tell me that you guessed correctly.)

Did I do my homework over the weekend? Friday night there was a very important fashion show and movie to go to after going to the gym and doing some furniture shopping. Saturday , there was the first soccer game in MONTHS! that I had to attempt to play in followed by setting up a hammock in the backyard (I fell off), filling the hot tub, going to lunch with James, Maren, Kasi and Martha, hitting up the gym with Pete and James, more furniture shopping–this time with mom, then helping out at Mick and Tracy’s with their brood of kids including the newborn, Kate. Sunday was busy with accompanying my mom (she’s a mean violinist) in a neighboring ward in the morning, then going to my block of church meetings, followed by dinner with loads of family, selling my funds to pay for my condo (Pete helped me out), and then of course we needed to test out the hot tub now that it had warmed up.

Sunday night at 10:30, I finally started on my finals. Who thinks they can procrastinate better than me? Who?