the ABCs (and Fs) of my browsing history

  1. Facebook
  2. Feedly
  3. Fidelity

ABCsTurns out, any one of these may be the top choice for the URL that populates when I type the letter, F, into my browser bar. It changes between these three depending on a few things: how sick I am of the spam in my Facebook feed, how much I dare to look at the stock market that week, or how much time I spend reading tech blogs at work.

Just for fun, here are the URLs that pull up based on each alphabet letter typed into my browser bar. This, my friends, is an interesting glimpse at my browsing history. Whoa. I can’t believe I’m about to share this!

amazon.com (For all my prime needs)
businesssolutionshi.com (writing work)
calendar.google.com (keeping track of soooooo many work meetings)
drive.google.com (family budgeting spreadsheets, writing work, my own writing)
educateempowerkids.org (I like their books for helping parents with sex ed)
Facebook.com (at least, today)
groups.google.com (writers’ group!)
homedepot.com (we bought a house)
ikea.com (the house came with rooms inside, but no furniture)
jedediah morgan grant (because I searched for my ancestor recently)
ksl.com (local news, well, it’s KIND OF news)
larriecampbell.wordpress.com (duh, because it’s my blog)
mail.google.com (checkin’ the email)
nucleus.aruplab.com (work)
oram.social5.net (writing work)
pinterest.com (because everyone’s doin’ it)
qtrial2015az1.az1.qualtric.com (um, I don’t even know… seriously, I don’t)
reddit.com (work, writing work, being dorky, news, and asking for help from the interwebs)*
social5.net (writing work)
twitter.com (work, writing work, entertainment, and tracking my local politicians)
utahsoccer.org (I miss soccer)
voice.google.com (better than Verizon’s voicemail)
woot.com (in case there’s a good deal)
xkcd.com (for weekly laughs)
youtube.com (mostly for music while working, and of course, cat videos, because internet, duh)
zillow.com (I like looking at real estate)

So try it out. What websites come up as your “default” for each letter? Which one(s) surprised you?

*P.S. I finally put up the “reddit for dummies” article on my website, if you’re interested.

Facebook Killed My Journal Skills

I have many, MANY journals… well, many UNIFINISHED journals. They’re sitting in my front room so they’re not exactly hidden under the bed. I used to care if anybody read them, but I don’t anymore. I suppose that years of peer critiques in English and tech writing classes has eradicated worrying about my writing not being good enough.

Or maybe now I am GOOD ENOUGH.

Nope. Must be why I’m fairly addicted to writing–because it’s hard.

Back to the journals: I don’t write in them anymore. I picked up the poetry journal in February and wrote in it, for the first time since November 2007. One of the thougts I wrote down:

you taught me how to smile
with my eyes
but the timing of the
lesson was all wrong

So is it good or bad poetry if you don’t really remember where the thought came from or where it’s going? Really, though, I want to know WHAT HAPPENED to my journal writing? Once upon a time, I was prolific.

A friend said that I blog now instead.

I don’t agree.

Blogging doesn’t even compare to my journal writing. I rarely share internal thoughts/struggles here. I can’t doodle. I don’t sketch maps of Virginia where I thought I’d base a historical novel. I rarely mention dating (protecting the innocent). No poetry. No spiritual experiences. And no strange, scribbled notes written when I was on Ambien. See? My blog doesn’t compare to the ol’ journals.

Here are my best guesses about what happened to my desire to scrawl thoughts in one of many different bound journals:

  1. All of the internal thoughts and struggles have faded away because now that I’m an adult with a mortgage/bills/titanium toe, life is EASY
  2. I gave up on my historical novel after I’d written 50 pages.
  3. I’m all out of poetry.
  4. When I can’t sleep at nights, I now get on Facebook (sigh).
  5. I have a TV with high def cable (sigh again).
  6. I have less time to dwell on my life (emphasis on dwell).
  7. I’ve lost all of my pens.
  8. I forgot how to write.
  9. I can’t read my handwriting so why record anything?
  10. I need to TRY and sleep at night so I’m not allowed to write in them.

Okay so after thinking so much about my journals, it makes me miss them. Every now and then, one of the entries would really be a gem. I should write again in search of those gems. No more Facebook. Gasp.

End of rambling.

Changes to Larrie’s eWorld

I was waiting for some great idea to hit me and I’d have a humorous entry worthy of your precious blog-reading time. Nothing has hit me.


I tried; really, I did.

I didn’t want to talk about the BYU-Utah game because Kaakun already said enough. Or perhaps Hall threw the game on purpose so that the U could become the biggest donor to BYU’s program via a second trip to a BCS bowl…

I even tried reading old blog entries to spark an idea. And by old, we’re talking an ENTIRE year ago. That was ages and ages ago. Can you believe I’m even still blogging? Since then, though, I’ve had many changes to my eWorld. Or at least, I think there have been. Let’s make a list, how ‘bout?

  1. Changed blog hosts, leaving behind the restricted Live Spaces for more freedom from WordPress
  2. Ended my use of MSN Messenger following a company lockdown when an IT Support personnel (no less) clicked on a link from an outside contact and started spreading a virus to all his company contacts
  3. Now use Communicator at work and therefore no longer know what DFunk is up to
  4. Still have a Myspace account, but what’s the use?
  5. Probably overuse Facebook for event invitations, sharing pictures and poking people
  6. Blog every work day
  7. No longer have my own webpage; isn’t a blog as fantastic as mine good enough for you?
  8. Log online at home through my very own Comcast connection because I live all alone
  9. Use a new online stalking tool: iSearch
  10. Neglect my online-hosted email accounts because when I get home from work, all I care to do online is school
  11. No longer leave comments on my friends’ blogs (even when I have plenty to say) because they’re all blocked at work
  12. Use flickr for all of my online-photo-hosting needs
  13. Frequent Google Reader
  14. Stopped reading some blogs (like dooce and yourheartout) because for some reason, I got bored of them
  15. Stopped reading other blogs (like sarahnielsen and seriouslysoblessed) because they didn’t send entire feeds via RSS (BOO)
  16. I now post a Political Link of the Day, but does anybody ever read them? Does anybody even read this blog?
  17. And LAST, I’ve found this AMAZING product online that I will purchase for all of the men on my Christmas giving list this year: the Uroclub. For a great image of the club in action, click HERE.

So that was a good list, right? Sure… why not. I thought maybe it would be a better list, but trying to remember what I did a year ago compared to now turned out to be way too much work. Besides, I’m at work and I already have work to do.

Political Link of the Day: “Anatomy of a Meltdown: Ben Bernanke and the Financial Crisis

Over fifteen months, beginning in August, 2007, the Fed, through various novel programs known by their initials… lent more than a trillion dollars to dozens of institutions… The programs, which have received little public attention, were supposed to be temporary, but they have been greatly expanded and remain in effect.

I Blame Facebook for my Laziness

I was going to get to bed as soon as I got home last night (around 10:45). The idea was that I would get up earlier and workout before work. I’ve been quite the slacker lately when it comes to getting to the gym AFTER work. (Apparently, I don’t want to go to the gym when I’m hungry for dinner and then don’t want to work out on a full tummy.)

My plans totally fell through. I know; you’re surprised because you think that I could suddenly acquire MIND OVER MATTRESS SKILLS and actually get up with enough time to do more than just shower really, really fast and run out the door with my shoes and socks in hand.

I blame Facebook for not getting up to work out this morning.

Of course I checked my emails before going to bed last night and found out that little brother, James (who doesn’t read this blog—shame on him, where’s the love?), was wondering when I would ever get around to posting our Seattle / Portland pictures on FB. Hello? We took 300+ pictures and the thought of uploading all of those, adding captions and then tagging the same five people in all the pics was so NOT enticing.

So I narrowed it down to 90+ pics and started uploading. It crashed Firefox.

Start over.

Uploaded them in two groups.

I finally went to bed after midnight and didn’t even bother to change my alarm to an earlier time.

Somebody who does read this blog, please tell James that he should be grateful that I put up those pictures for him. Next time, I’ll just tell him to read my blog already and find out there’s a link to plenty of pictures uploaded to Flickr.

The sleep you’ll lose for family…

You said what in your Facebook status?

For a good amount of my Facebook life, I refused to post a status. Obviously, I got over that because I now try and convince all of my FB best friends to stop by this bloody awesome blog by updating my status. I have no shame now; I just want to see lots of page hits and comments.

I still think what my FB pals write as their statuses are often absurd, strange, almost funny, or even paranoid. Below is a nice little list for you of ACTUAL statuses that my ‘friends’ have posted. Yes, I am either making fun of these or consider them to be almost funny; if you’re on the list, deal with it.

Besides, you’re on the list for a reason. Apparently, you think people REALLY care about your illogical, political views. Sometimes, you think that your FB pals are wondering about your abilities to succeed in life. You are probably sitting around at work trying to come up with the perfect status that is short and odd. You haven’t learned how to spell words, use punctuation, capitalization, etc and you force this lack of knowledge on your friends. Some things that you share, I just don’t get why you think this isn’t personal, keep-to-yourself information. However, every now and then, there are a few gems that I get a kick out of… see if you can spot those.

  • J. : Male goates have that goat cheese smell. Females don’t.
  • A. is a stone picking machine.
  • J. hates banks… Bro. James has the right idea… mattress banks.
  • A. is more Harold Crick than Jack Bauer lately.
  • S. is a “great” kisser.
  • J. is too tired to think straight. Wait, he never thinks straight. He thinks in curves…
  • K. has some lagoon season passes for sell let me know if you want one.
  • J. : so let me get this straight. Redistribution of wealth is evil, but governments keep it all anyway? Sounds like good business – capitalists jealous?
  • K. is sweating from squash and arranging piano music.
  • C. misses your biscuits.
  • J. : I’m comforted that there is no liberal equivalent to those slanderous viral emails. Are there critical thinkers on the right, or just followers of pundits?
  • M. is getting a massage from mr. felt… ha!
  • M… winner winner chicken dinner.
  • J. aches from excessive gainerage & double flippage.
  • M. is selling her friendship to Susan…anyone else interested?
  • K. needs to remember the ravioli.
  • A. is so close to freedom, he can taste it. Of course, it tastes like chicken.
  • F. is ridding the bus.
  • T. has bubble guts.
  • C. is without clothing and living on the floor.
  • K. is finally seeing I2I.
  • A. is holy cow.
  • M. I see stars when I blow my nose in the shower.
  • A. saith, “Holy conducting final Batman!”
  • S. does hurt… but it will be worth itin the long run… gotta keep it up.
  • M. only has 12 more days until the best day of the summer….Dave Matthews Concert!
  • L. is taking the plunge…the fat lady sang…and im getting hitched.
  • A. is looking for Mr Right or Right now or at least a job.
  • M. thinks can endure her last week of the moisture-life-sucking drug she is on.

Episode 13: Websense has the Power

Don’t you think that because I’m in IT, I have all the computer powers? It’s not true; this is no Castle Grayskull and I do NOT have the power. Websense does.

It is because of this power wielded by our web security application, that I cannot reply to Facebook wall posts or leave comments on your blogs… at least not while I’m at work. Websense blocks me. It’s mean, I know. So I’ve had to find ways around it.

Way #1: Set up my phone to access Facebook.

I used to think it was rather silly to post statuses, pictures, wall posts, etc, using your cell phone. Really? My Facebook friends need to be THAT connected? And then I started doing it, too. It all happened when Shawman sent me a Facebook message about meeting up at the gym to get buff. Facebook emailed me to let me know, “Hey, your friend wants to go to the gym tonight, but you can’t reply because you’re at work. Ha!” So later that night, after not going to the gym because I couldn’t respond to Shawman in a reasonable amount of time, I set up my phone for posting to Facebook. It was ONLY because it was a necessity for my super buff muscles. And now I update my status every now and then about blog updates because I really just want people to stop in and leave comments about how AWESOME and FUNNY I am.

Way #2: Emailing my comments

I do have my RSS reader (netvibes.com) so I can keep up to date on blogs although pictures don’t display. Sometimes, after reading the latest entry on Kaakun’s blog, I really really want to comment. Probably this is because I was mentioned and therefore, I will feel the need to share my opinion on myself. But I can’t. Remember? Websense DENIES me. I therefore email Kaakun.

Example email from June:

ME: You should also offer a link to said blog. And I feel the same. I keep on forgetting that it is not Friday and I don’t know why I’ve been a day ahead all week. It sucks.

(This was in reply to his blog entry about realizing it was still Thursday because of my ‘Therapy Thursdays’ installment.)

KAAKUN’S REPLY: whatever… you hawk your blog all over your facebook jajaja… I don’t feel the need to contribute.

MY REPLY: Geez… thanks for the love.

KAAKUN’S REPLY: whatever… its not like anyone reads my blog anyways.

MY REPLY: I don’t believe you. How many hits do you get every day? And since I read it, it matters. I only read entertaining blogs, but perhaps I only find it entertaining when it’s about me because according to my therapist, I’m narcissistic (perhaps I should discuss this next week).

KAAKUN’S REPLY: Anywhere from 1-8… No thanks to those on feeders… jajajjaajjaa… But it’s probably the same 3-4 people checking in… just twice a day… because when the new is hitting fast and furious… I’m on top of my reporting.

Way #3: Post comments when I get home

This rarely happens because by the time I get home, I check work email and then go to bed. Yawn.

Shamelessly Promoting Myself on Facebook

So I moved blogs and we all know, that’s risky business. But I live for risks and the natural highs that come as a bonus. I mean, the high that came with saying goodbye to my Live Space was unimaginable. Truly. (Take me seriously here, folks.)

So I had to get the word out to my pals that I had moved. Of course, they could go to the (now) old blog and find out that I had moved. Or, I could broadcast to all my intimate internet buddies. Yep, I broadcast it to my 200+ bestest friends on Facebook. I figured that would at least get Kaakun, Kow, and maybe an online stalker or two to find my new home. I soon found out that Facebook was a rather useful tool for driving traffic to my new locale. See in my pretty picture below? We started the first day by informing FB friends and many stopped by. Then, visits drop so I try another FB update and BACK THEY CAME! Hooray for trying to entice people to my narcissistic world.

After I post this, yes, I will inform all my loyal followers via FB.

And LOOK! I have friends from around the world. (I labelled my friends that stop in from Germany-Nays, Hong Kong-Meghan, Cali-Kaakun, Seattle-Aimee, Me at work (it’s tough to know your own IP), Provo-Sabrina, and “Ogden”-Kow). If you’re feeling left out because you don’t have a label on my statcounter.com account, by all means, do let me know what your IP is and I will gladly label you. (What an honor THAT would be.)

P.S. I don’t associate with people in the southern half of the hemisphere. Sorry.