evan bayh

I Liked What Evan Bayh Had to Say

I keep on telling myself (and some of my friends) that I’m going to stop following national politics so much because it is DEPRESSING. And yet, apparently, I really WANT to put myself in a bad mood because I keep on reading about it. This morning, I briefly thought there was a little bit of hope when I heard about several democratic senators (who I think I will send short thank-you emails to later this evening) who are opposing the disgusting omnibus spending bill*.

How many of you even know about the $410 billion spending bill, which is an increase of 8% over last year?

Currently, the bill is blocked by critics, but some of the news reports I’ve read say it’s only temporarily blocked and will pass regardless. This means, government spending will include 8,500 earmarks. Obama campaigned on a platform of stamping out earmarks, but will he follow through and act on this promise? The explosion of earmarks began under a Republican control of Congress and the White House and with this bill, the Democratic Congress and House looks to continue this “great” tradition.

I was really worried that our government wouldn’t set aside some money for rodeo museums, honeybee factories and the Guam public library. There are about 100 other programs, too, looking for some funding boosts from this bloated bill.

Senator McCain more than just spoke out on this and offered a proposal to save $32 BILLION, wiping out $7.7 BILLION in earmarks. Sadly, even Republicans opposed McCain. When across the nation, we as a people are tightening our budgets in this recession, why is the government blatantly trying to increase spending? Voters repeatedly stated their belief that Obama was the best choice for our economy, over McCain. I may not have voted for either, but currently, Obama indicated “he would sign the earmark-ridden measure,” which McCain clearly opposes. Just a thought.

*Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D) seems to be leading the protest and I agreed with what he said here: “No We Can’t.”