Checking in from Sunny California

Don’t make fun of me for blogging while on vacation. It’s not like there can be non-stop action and fun. Eventually my brothers’ kids have to take a nap and then the real adult fun starts… we watch Friends and sign on to the internet.

How did I ever vacation before wireless access?

Highlights so far:

  • I didn’t know the dead body on the highway just before Mesquite.
  • It feels great for my back not to be in a car for hours and hours.
  • Sleeping in a bed after driving all night is supremely comfortable.
  • Pete, Thane and I worked out at Newport’s 24Hour Saturday night – that’s how dedicated we are.
  • Turkey’s win over the Czechs in Eurocup 2008 reminded me about why soccer is the beautiful game.
  • The Newport temple’s grounds are beautiful.

The biggest disappointment so far:

  • Forgetting my camera battery. Vacation without a camera is a very difficult thing.