english major failure

A Potrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Here’s a little twist on this week’s book review… let’s review a book that I never finished: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

I gave up on reading this because I couldn’t follow Joyce’s stream of consciousness. I kept on losing focus; apparently, MY own stream of consciousness was more interesting than Stephen Dedalus’s (the main character). I’ve tried to read this book TWICE, too, because apparently, I didn’t want to fail only once.

Maybe I should try to “read” it as an audio book. Only I don’t know how that would keep my attention any better. See, that’s my problem with reading sometimes: I have to be more interested in the book than I am in my own thoughts. I have really interesting thoughts, I’ll have you know.

What I remember from the parts that I did pay attention were that he started with childhood memories that included his parents and various Irish Catholic priests. This book is constantly praised for Joyce’s prose and description and for its use of stream of consciousness. I feel like an English major failure because I haven’t been able to read this.

I did read the Cliff Notes before I took a test on it. Way to go me.

P.S. Jennie and Jarv had a new baby girl today! Picture to come…