Comment NOW to Get a Chance to Write my Paper

DOC: Missed ya last week.

LRE: I know, right? Must be rough having to go so long without seeing Larrie.

DOC: Tell me about it.

LRE: I just did.

DOC: Well, how did the surgery go?

LRE: Great. Why don’t you just read my blog yourself and find out?

DOC: Because I don’t actually exist.

LRE: Good to know that you’re finally grasping this concept.

DOC: Yup; I’m an old dog and that’s a new trick.

LRE: Amazing.

DOC: So I was thinking that we could talk about how you’re handling the stress of the holidays.

LRE: Stress? Are you kidding me?

DOC: Um, no. I think I was pretty serious.

LRE: Okay, fine. Perhaps I should be more stressed and that would force me to really sit down and get my final paper written already. Instead of doing it the night before.

DOC: So you’ll never not procrastinate?

LRE: Maybe; watch out with your double negatives.

DOC: Double negatives?

LRE: Don’t worry about it. Just being an English nerd.

DOC: An English nerd who hasn’t written her paper yet.

LRE: Well, it’s just a little bit difficult getting excited over a paper on XML and technical writing. I’ve done some research, but getting to the next step and putting together a first draft just hasn’t happened yet.

DOC: Isn’t it a bit difficult to write a first draft the night before it’s due?

LRE: Perhaps. It just means that the first is very similar to the final draft.

DOC: Good luck getting that published.

LRE: Gee, thanks, mister.

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Profiling Me and My Blog

DOC: Hey, come on in.

LRE: Well, alrighty then.

DOC: I was thinking we could take a personality test today.

LRE: We?

DOC: Sorry… you. YOU could take one.

LRE: Is it the Myers-Briggs thing-a-ma-jigs?

DOC: Cute, that rhymed. Yes, it is. Well, almost. It’s not a thing-a-ma-jiggy.

LRE: Jigs.

DOC: It’s the Myers-Briggs TYPE INDICATOR.

LRE: Gotcha. Been there. Done that.

DOC: Oh. Fine. Ruin my fun.

LRE: Oh come on. Don’t get so down. We could analyze my dreams.

DOC: You remember them?

LRE: Yeah; one of last night’s was really weird, but apparently I was making out with the doorman of the building that I lived in in New York although he only made $22 thousand a year and I made over $400 thousand as a fancy lawyer.

DOC: Um, no. Let’s NOT try to analyze that one.

LRE: Fine. Well, when I took that test last, it told me I was an ENFP.

DOC: Enfffpah?

LRE: Yeah, that. More extraverted than introverted.

DOC: You’ve certainly changed from the little girl in first grade who was embarrassed to open the classroom door because you were late coming in from lunch recess.

LRE: True. But as an extravert, apparently, I don’t fit in the IT world.

DOC: Imagine that.

LRE: Right. So the other ones mean that I’m more interesting in intuition than sensing, slightly value feeling over thinking, and lean towards perception rather than judgment.

DOC: Um, so is there a brief summary of what that really means?

LRE: Brief, not so much. There were a couple of pages of description of what that meant, but watch me summarize. For me, at least according to Mister Myers-Briggs, life is a creative adventure full of exciting possibilities. Apparently, I hate routine, schedules, and avoid structure. Mostly, that occurs in the mornings when the alarm goes off. There’s tons more, but that’s enough for now.

DOC: Gotcha. And what type of personality does your blog have?

LRE: Well, that’s INTERESTING that you should ask, because I went to Typealyzer’s website to find out and my blog is ESFP.

DOC: And what’s that mean?

LRE: My blog is entertaining and friendly (good job, blog), especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and preferring to fill its surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells.

DOC: I didn’t know blogs could smell sweetly.

LRE: Apparently, they can. Okay, my blog likes to live in the present moment and doesn’t like to plan ahead.

DOC: Well that doesn’t work because you plan ahead for the rest of your blog life having your structured daily entries.

LRE: Turns out, I CAN handle structure. Back to my blog… it’s always in risk of exhausting itself.

DOC: Poor blog.

LRE: It also enjoys work that makes it able to help people in a concrete and visible way.

DOC: Maybe your blog should help out with more service projects.

LRE: Maybe. It tries to avoid conflicts and rarely initiates confrontations.

DOC: I don’t think Typealyzer read your political entries.

LRE: Perhaps. But there you go. My blog is a “performer.” Oh, and it’s rather gender neutral, according to Gender Analyzer, but Kaakun’s blog was rather womanly.

DOC: Ha.

LRE: And last, there’s the Literature Expert where most of my writing seems to match up with Frank Baum.

DOC: I thought you wanted to be the next Dave Barry.

LRE: I know. That website CRUSHED all of my hopes and dreams.

DOC: Weep.

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Episode 24: Happy Halloween! Bring on the Chocolate

MZ left her computer unlocked yesterday and it didn’t take long before an email was sent out with her name in the “From”:

Subject: I need chocolate

I’m having a rough day around here, kids… please bring me chocolate and I will heart you forever.


See what happens when you leave your computer unattended where I work?

Apparently, the chocolate gods smile on this behavior. So can somebody please tell me why I continue to lock my computer so that nobody has access to sending emails out “from me”? If I started leaving it open to the world, perhaps I would get some chocolate, too.

The last time I left my computer in such a vulnerable state, I was working in a different department. The chocolate gods didn’t care about the goings-on in that department… at least not enough to bestow gifts of their cocoa goodness on us. Instead, an email was sent out inviting people to a barbecue at my place.

I did get a response from a coworker saying they were so bummed they’d be out of town and couldn’t make it.

It’s okay, friend. Just bring me some chocolate as part of your RSVP.

P.S. I won again today! We had a drawing in our on-site gym to celebrate Halloween and I won one of the gift cards. Guess where I get to go spend free money? BARNES & NOBLE! HIP HIP POORAY!

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